Guts [Berserk] vs Spiderman

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I got the Idea from this youtube vid

Who do you think would win as that vid is non canon, and for those of you that try to defend spiderman that SMvsFL thing will be ignored
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Funny vid, but this is the wrong place for that. This should be in Battle forums.
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I moved it :)
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@ReiKai: @Sonata: 
Sorry for that
and would you say its accurate?
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Not entirely. Spidey is fast and insanely agile. Gutts is super-sonic at least and faster with Berserker Armor. Spidey easily outclasses Gutts in strength, however Gutts has proven himself more than capable of taking down foes much stronger than himself on a regular basis. The only real complication is Spideys webbing and Gutts could cutt through that and/or even knock it away with just the windpressure created from swinging his sword.
And there are other factors. Spideys sense makes it difficult for Gutts to land a blow, even if he has a speed advantage. On the other hand, it'll be hard for Spidey to get a hit in because if Gutts' substantial battle experience and arsenal. If Spidey gets within striking range of the Dragon Slayer, it won't look good for him, but there's no guarantee that Gutts could land a blow. It's a hard fight. Spidey has never really killed anyone. Gutts has killed thousands of both humans and otherworldly things.
Spidey can try webbing up to a good mid-range or so. Gutts, aside from the Dragon Slayer, has his hand-cannon, repeating crossbow, throwing knives and mini-bombs to use from a distance. It's almost assured Spidey can dodge pretty much everything thrown at him. A well-timed maneuer though could catch him with a mini-bomb. Gutts would require effort in this, mostly due to Spidey's agility more than his strength. Aside from that though, there's no way that I can see that Spidey could withstand or stop a blow from the Dragon Slayer.
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@ReiKai: Should I decrease the battle arena for a better decision?

 Lets put them in this wrestling ring
 Lets put them in this wrestling ring
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Don't forget the tendencies of Guts to strike low blow when truly needed !  
My bet's on Guts.

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Guts, he will chop Spidey to bits---
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No contest Guts would butcher the Spider.
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Guts has his crazy fighting skill and borderline superhuman speed. He isn't supersonic as some claim though. Spiderman tops Guts in both strength and reflexes. Same with the speed probably though I have no sure clue. Although Guts with his insane sets of weapons and longer reach could prove problematic. With Berserker Armor he equalizes the speed gap and takes a step towards reaching Spiderman's strength. Perhaps it's spiderman, someone who plays with death constantly just like Guts do. While not easily I believe he can avoid Guts' attacks. If he lands a hit it's the same result as Guts would hit him. One hit K.O./kill. 30/70, leaning on Spiderman. Guts has a way to win but far from a sure scenario.
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Spiderman has supersonic + reflexes. This is seen when he dodges close range machine gun fire and even close range laser spam. Spidey has the strength advantage, he can lift around 15 tons and has been shown to punch through brick and therefore hits harder than Gutsu. Guts may have more classical fighting skill but Spideys unique agile style will prove problematic. Spidey has good durability but with armor Gutsu's is better. 
I see spidey dominating the fight but i wonder if he can put Gutsu down. Guts will get the occasional chopped up spider win, but overall I see Spidey wining 8/10.
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On striking force Guts has broken a mineral only slightly less harder than diamond, if that hits peter then its over
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@Nerx: Indeed, but I should put the emphasis on the "if" part. Spiderman has the insane routine of repeatedly dodging attacks and avoiding surprise strikes or ambushes. Also if he gets serious his punches weight the same one-hit K.O. force. That's why I somewhat leaning on Spidey.
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i think spiderman would win cause  he can move fast and sense when hes gonna get hit with guts sword but guts wont die easily been that he bited that guys sword to kill him.
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Gutts is supersonic despite some peoples believing otherwise. Gutts has amazing resilience. This is a guy that even before the Eclipse, before the Dragon Slayer and the Brand and all that mojo, had already fought with an Apostle and had been lobbed through several trees and still got up to fight. Gutts has had every bone in his body broken multiple times and still goes to town on people.
As I've said, Spidey is stronger, but Gutts' battle experience puts Peter's to shame. Though Spidey has been teamed up with others to face off against interstellar threats, Spidey himself is never in a lead role during those ventures. Plus, as I've said, Gutts has regularly dealt with things much stronger than himself on a regular basis. If you wanted to go by pure stamina, Gutts puts Spidey to shame.
Everything Spidey can throw out, Gutts can counter. Spider-sense only works so much before something hits and it comes as no surprise that when something of Gutts' hits, it's generally fatal. It's because of the sense and Spidey's agility that makes this a difficult matchup. Without that sense, Spidey is no better than the legions of other Apostles Gutts has already eviscerated and piled up into a heaping mound of bile and gore.

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@ReiKai: Doesn't put Guts in Spidey's league of actual combat speed. 
-Spidey has dodges close range machine gun fire 
-Spidey has dodged close range laser spam 
(check kakashi vs spidey for the scans)
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I don't put much stock in laser spam, especially from Marvel when everyone does it, including people who aren't even peak human. So don't go thinking that means anything. Gutts has feats that put him at super-sonic levels and if required he could evade gunfire. It's not all that difficult. Hell he could just stand there and let'em shoot and use the Dragonslayer as a shield. Nothing'll ever hit him. So really the gun/laser bit is all moot. Gutts has actually reacted to lightning and used the DS as a lightning rod to avoid getting zapped a second time.
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@ReiKai: I've never seen him move so fast as to avoid rapid machine gun fire from close quarters like Spidey before. 
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Spidey mainly dodges via sense and aim-dodging. That doesn't take much effort and hell the whole Batfamily can do it, along with Cap America and dozens of others. You need to actually read the Manga to understand Gutts' speed and reactions. Even Pre-Eclipse, the soldiers watching Gutts and Boscogne couldn't see the weapons in action and were too afraid to get close because the wind-pressure created by them swinging their weapons could kill a man.
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So you think Gutsu >>Spidey in combat speed? 
From what I've seen I would think Spidey is faster, but I am not currently an avid reader of spiderman so I could be wrong. 
With the added benefit of Spidey sense to heighten his agility, I would think Gutsu couldn't tag him.
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