Gundam Exia 001 vs. Gundam Wing

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In a full scale one on one battle, who would own the fights. The gundams that are involved are in their initial state (without the alterations that comes as the  series progress).
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Gundam wing would win if each gundam started the match situated in two seperate locations seperated over 2 km or so, as exia's weaponary would be unable to touch wing unless he comes at a minimum distance  of midrange, due to its melee nature. Even the gn beam  rifle that is on his right arm,is one which is midrange. In this case Wing's buster rifle would obliterate exia before it can come close to it.
  Gundam Exia, would win in the other hand if the match started at a short range distance, which is the perfect playground for exia's weaponary, gundam wing would face trouble keeping up with his single beam sabre and if it was to utilize its buster rifle, it would risk destroying itself along with exia.
 Thats my opiniom though >_<
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as in only wing gundam? not zero or custom,?
exia wins, TRANS-AM
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Wing gundam, mm but this is the basic exia and zero without the zero system as stated in the line "
(without the alterations that comes as the  series progress).". Trans Am is gained after episode 23, after aolia schenberg is killed.
Even with the trans am, if wing has the zero system, he would see that move being made and destroy exia before that. Or what if wing survives until exia's trans am is worn out ahah~
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@Nerx: eehh, trans-am is always there, aolia just served as a a lock, and by that logic of yours wing have to be the original wing as well
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But the lock was unlocked after his death, therefore Its not in the basic design. Fine, if   wing w/o zero system and exia w/o trans am. I believe it will follow my earlier logic, or do you have any complaints against that??? 
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@Nerx: exia seemed to have been able to move faster than gundam wing MS
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Mm perhaps, but then  theres no formal proof  and  like alellujah gundam, wing can form into a more high mobility plane mode LAWL
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with lower firepower and acuracy yeah
and gn drive without activating trans am is what could be said as infinite fuel
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Aaah its semi infinite and battles typically last no more than a day, so heero's wing should be able to last within that time period. The wing buster rifle is hard to avoid and exia wouldn't stand a chance with a continuous fire , if the battle started from a significant far off distance. Exia would only come close if it can dodge the rapidly firing buster riffle until  it is out of ammo,  in which case in a one to one melee combat gundam wing with his useless easily broken shield, as well as its comparably weak beam saber would be destroyed. But hey, unlike exia heero yuy isnt a wanabee terrorist and can pull the self detonation button and live, which setsuna never done being incapable of taking his own life.   I WOULD SAY WING WOULD WIN due to Heero's high accurate firing, as proven by his ability to fire the meteor that was approaching earth uunder the time frame of a few seconds , or at least die with exia.
I would say b4 Setsuna gained his "innovator" status he is a average level pilot, as he is matched by lower level ms's such as the tierien and flag, something which never happened to Heero Yuy, being all kick ass and such. Im a Heero fanboy : )
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not it's infinite : the input is larger than the output, it's the gundam that is powering the ptolemaios for the most part
to be noted heero got his ass kicked by tallgesse, an unstable mech, so basically youa re going by the view that self detonation is the ultmiate weapon, now i can see the logic, wing buster was easy to avoid, twin buster was harder by a  degree thanks to it's way larger output , oh and setsuna fought avalon, the resident wave motion gun owner
tieren that is piloted by arguably the best pilot that the HRL have, and exia still win
flag that is piltoed by graham aker, the badass normal of the series, hsi feat includes beating other gundam with his fragile paper armor mech
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Ahh according to Gundam Wikia there is a point in time where the output is nearlly zero, even if it exist in a semiinfinitetesimal point in time  , and thats why the wikia classified it as semi infinite.  This if we are talking about technicallity.
 No its not the ultimate weapon, however E- Carbon should be weaker than gundanium alloy, so it wouldnt withstand the blast that could shatter Gundanium Alloy. Maybe wig buster is an easy weapon to avoid, but the hit or avoiding rate would be relative to the pilots capabilty, whether heero or setsuna is better. I cheer for heero though,  out of my biasness.
iAlso altough wing lost against tallgeese, Zechs himself proclaimed that heero is a far superior pilot and he could have eassly lost, its a matter of luck~
As for graham aker, I have to give the arguement to you!
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where? does it say that ptolemy/GN drive? output is near zero?
even if e-carbon is weaker(again where is that?), the hit and miss rate also depend on a what the mech is capable of doing , e.g buster rifle which cannot be spammed should have lower hit ratio, than say freedom beam spam, and if you argue that heero is the better pilot, setsuna fought ali al sarchez a veteran of 3 wars, and he owns him until ali runs away
setsuna is not a terrorist, rather compared to what his coutnry is made of (crapsack) and it's rather not clear on what ali is doing there
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