GT Goku base form is not as strong as SSJ3 DBZ *EXPLAINED*

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Uub seen sparring and matching base form goku is actually a part of buu ( not buu or his power )

Uub seen merging with fat buu's power should be equal to only kid buu.

So i therefore conclude that GT Goku = 10x Goku DBZ

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1. Goku's goal was to train Uub not to obliterate him.

2. It should be obvious Goku is base form isn't as powerful as SSJ3 Goku derp

3. This isn't a battle.

4. Why did you make this thread?

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@solesamurai said:

1. Goku's goal was to train Uub not to obliterate him.

2. It should be obvious Goku is base form isn't as powerful as SSJ3 Goku derp

3. This isn't a battle.

4. Why did you make this thread?

1. True

2. 90% of the people on animevice believe that ssj3 goku dbz = base form goku gt

3. It is to enchance dbz debaters

4. To prove it

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1. And how do you know how strong Uub became in those years of training? In the World Martial Arts Tournament he perplexed everyone with his power and that was before he went into training. Uub has been training with Goku for like 5 years and has spend some time in the RoSaT. You saying Majuub is equal to only Kid Buu is a joke. Majuub stood up against Super Baby Vegeta the same guy who litterly laughed at Kid Goku SSJ3's attacks and swatted him to the ground like he was a common house fly. So now you're saying Kid Buu>>>Kid Goku SSJ3? Before you come in and say Kid Goku is weaker in his SSJ3 state because of his size that is simply not true.

Kid Goku SSJ3 never said that he was weaker when he was transformed he only said that he wasn't able to stay in that form for long because of his size, hell all the people Baby had under his control where feeling his power and where afraid when he turned SSJ3 so his starting power wasn't dropping at first. Lets say Goku's power drops way faster than when he is a kid in SSJ3 the fact of the matter is is as soon Goku went SSJ3 he went after Baby right away he din't gloat or was talking he went right into battle and Baby was lol stomping BASE!.

Another populair claim as to why people say Kid Goku base is just as strong as SSJ3 from DBZ is the Rildo scenario. When Rildo is on his way to the Z Fighters, Goku comments that Rildo MIGHT be stronger than Majin Buu witch Majin Buu he means he doesn't say it could be Fat Buu or could be Kid Buu or even Super buu WE DON'T KNOW. You say that Kid Goku is not around DBZ SSJ3 but weaker right? so how in the world can Goku mess up such a power reading? its like me saying Raditz is just as strong a Perfect Cell. If Goku says he MIGHT be stronger than Majin Buu than that tells us he IS in the Majin Buu area of power simply as that, and lets not forget if lets say Rildo is slightly weaker than Fat Buu or hell maybe he's Majin Vegeta lvl than his merger with the Sigma Force and Metal Rildo would have closed that gap...and Goku WAS fighting him at BASE and was winning and only went SSJ when he was Metal Rildo. So IF Goku (base) is not entirely just as strong as his SSJ3 DBZ counterpart its pretty darn close.

EDIT: If i'm not mistaked 10 years have passed sinse Kid Buu's defeat and Goku as been training during that time maybe not that intensly but training nonetheless. And if if'm not mistaken when GT starts 5 years have past so...Goku has been training for 15 goddamn years. Take that into in acount when discussing Goku GT. If you know anything about DBZ is that fighters can go from Top to Super Top in a matter of months.

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@niBBit: Well, Metal rildo was beaten by gohan SSJ2 who had no training over the years, which means that goku saying that he IS around buu he is a plothole only to make rildo sound cooler.

Not to mention, buu is actually not strong he just seems strong because of his insane regen powers


Vegenta might have killed fat buu when he went overcharge.

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@eddz99: Thats what makes GT so idiotic because of stupid shit like that. Like i said before Kid Goku said that Rildo might be stronger than Majin Buu witch Buu he refers to is unknow to us it could be Super Buu for all we know, fact is the gap between an SSJ2 and Fat Buu is huge so Goku saying he might be stronger than Majin Buu tells us he is way stronger than en SSJ2 because of the gap difference its like me saying Raditz might be stronger than Vegeta (Saying Saga) no its to big to not notice. Majin Vegeta a juiced up SSJ2 fought Fat Buu with all he had and even gave his life to try and kill him and he still could't do it. Goku only was able to put the hurt on Fat Buu when he went SSJ3 and looking at the offical handbook an SSJ3 is x400 so Fat Buu is several folds stronger than an SSJ2.

Your dead wrong about Buu not being strong just by his regen. Fat Buu was able to out speed Gohan SSJ2 when he tried to run away with East Supreme Kai and Buu is able to learn attacks just by looking at them once and Kid Buu manged to physically overpower Vegeta SSJ2 and was keeping up with Goku SSJ3. Lets say Raditz recieved Kid Buu's regen powers and Raditz fights against Vegeta (Saiyan Saga) regeneration or no Raditz can't stand up to a blast from Vegeta who lvl's planets for the lulz his regen will be a non factor.

i'm not sure what you mean by Vegeta might have killed Fat Buu when he went overcharge? is that some videogame move or something? you know those are not canon right. Majin Vegeta gave his freaking life in order to stop Fat Buu and he still could't do it. Everything Vegeta trew at him before was ineffective and to top it all off Fat buu was just fooling around he wasn't even serious if he was Vegeta could't even muster the energy to perform an attack like that Fat Buu could have ended him if he wanted to. Fat Buu>>>Any SSJ2.

GT is full of those PIS moments like Pan performing feats like holding Oceanus Shenron with a Kamehameha Wave the same person who was tossing Goku around like a ragdoll or when she was able to blast Baby Oozara with some energy blast and you see him moving a bit dispite Pan attacking Super Baby Vegeta before and did absolutly nothing to him, or when Omega Shenron on multiple occasions hit Goten/Trunks (base lvl's) and they stood up moments laters but Majuub gets hit once and he's down for the count and Majuub>>>>Goten/Trunks (base) by far. And i can go on and on but thats GT for yah.

If you apply DBZ logic to GT than no there is no way Kid Goku should be as strong as an SSJ3 from DBZ its just to much but GT s***s on DBZ logic its why GT is such a joke, powerscalings are of the charts.

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"Majin Vegeta gave his freaking life in order to stop Fat Buu" this is what i meant by overcharge, buu would have been killed many times without super regen, and yes raditz and vegeta has very different bp that's why he wouldn't be able to regen.. But let's say Perfect Cell has super regen, i am sure that gohan ssj2 would not have been able to beat him, kid buu would have been killed in seconds by goku ssj3, heck even by goku ssj2 if he had not a regen, so as super buu with mystic gohan. Also, gohan ssj2 at that time had no training for a long time, if it had been vegeta, i doubt he would even be able to tag him that fast, and vegeta mustered enough energy to deflect the blasts of buu ( expected as seen on the last episode of gt that kid goku wasn't affected by shenron's blasts when he was building universal spirit bomb )

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You focus to much on regen and therefore not see that Kid Buu is also strong in the other departments. Majin Buu's durability is not the best or the most sturdy if we put it like that but he is still strong. His speed/strength/ki is on par with an SSJ3. His body maybe be like flubber but that doesn't mean he's weak, infact the only why of finishing Buu is by blasting him unlike people like Frieza where you can simply beat him to death.

Its true that Cell and Majin Buu would have died a couple times over if they didn't had regen but i think the reason Akira made their durability like that is otherwise they became way to powerfull. Think about it, you are facing a guy who can tank a truckload of damage and takes a great deal of effort into harming him (like Frieza) and to top it off they have uber regen, there is is just no way of winning then, look at Omega Shenron, it took a HAX attack (Dragon Fist) into ripping him apart and he was caught of guard noless and he still came back with his Majin Buu like regen and Omega Shenron has great durability never had he to regen a body part minus when he got struck with the Dragon Fist. In the end it took the powers from the entire Universe to take that guy down. So like i said before Majin Buu may lack durabiliy like Frieza/Omega or any other non regen guy but in the other departments he is still a force to be reckon'd with and not weak.

Kid Goku not budging when Omega Shenron attacks Kid Goku when he was making the Universal Spirit Bomb is a load of rubbish. When Kid Buu attacks Goku when he was making a Spirit Bomb gather'd by the energy's of Earth and Namek he was visibly hurt so if Kid Buu managed that than Omega Shernon would have easely vaporized a weakend, bloodied, half dead Kid Goku with just one blast yet he stood firm. 1 more reason GT is s**t.

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Uub was a reincarnation of Kid Buu not a part. He was not weakened in the least but the fact that he merged with fat Buu later on just showed their spiritual connection. Uub merging with Gokd Buu should make him stronger than Kid Buu, because Good Buu was already nearly as strong as Kid Buu and put up a fight for a length of time. Also GT base (kid) Goku which was slightly weaker than adult base, owned Cell and Frieza effortlessly. Meaning at the very least Kid Base Goku was stronger than ssj2 from Z. Adult version would have been slightly stronger, at least in the ballpark of ssj3 from Z.
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@taichokage: Ohw yeah forgot about the Cell Frieza thing :) he made them look like nothing.

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The way GT was written Kid Goku>>>>>everyone else

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GT Base Goku >>>>>>SSJ 3 Goku. Deal with it.

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@JThree47605: Hence why the creator of DBZ ignores it

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