Gray Wolf runs the grey gauntlet!

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This is Gray Wolf, from the Monster Rancher Anime.

He is Tiger of the Wind's younger brother, and he is kidnapped and turned to one of Moo's big bad four, though he is later freed from this spell(sadly dying thereafter), resurrected by a girl named Nina and permanently a hero from that moment on. His powers include horns he can use to stab, lightning he can shoot from those same horns, blizzard ice breath, razor sharp teeth and claws, the ability to generate small cyclones, great strength, durability and stamina, incredible speed, agility, reflexes and leaping ability, highly acute senses(all five), considerable fighting skills and the ability to use his tail to whip things in a foe's face and/or use as a blunt force attack in combat. He can also give his older brother a run for his money in a fight, and Tiger has all of the same powers, weapons and abilities that Gray Wolf's got and more experience, being the older brother, so that should say something.

Now that anyone who needs to know who Gray Wolf is and what he can do has been filled in, we get to the battle. I'm having Gray Wolf aptly run a gauntlet of adversaries, both good and evil, and both male and female, with the color grey on them in one way or another. Note well that every fight takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, that Gray Wolf takes on his foes one at a time and that after every battle, whether he wins or loses, Gray Wolf gets to rest and is restored to full vitality for the next clash. Here are his opponents...

Einstein(Oliver And Company)

Shenzi(The Lion King)

Silver Sable(Marvel Comics)

Rocksteady(1987 TMNT Cartoon)

Cyborg Smoke(Mortal Kombat)

Silverbolt(Beast Wars)

Grey Gargoyle(Marvel Comics)

Scorponok(Beast Wars)

Dural(Virtua Fighter)

Cyborg(DC Comics, pre-nu52, post-crisis)

List the outcomes individually and in the order above, please!

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