Gouf Custom vs Eva Unit 02

Topic started by _Judge_ on Dec. 26, 2008. Last post by Niko 6 years, 2 months ago.
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From what I saw, the Gouf Custom was rather agile compared to the more commonly clunky Mobile Suits. Could this match up well against the Eva Unit 02, while both mechs are controlled by their respective pilots?
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No. Evas against Gundams is usually unfair enough. Evas against lower-grade suits is just unfair. Now, if Norris knows to cut off the battery cord from Eva 2 and then wait for it to lost power while making sure it can't attach itself to another cord, then he might win.

Going off the specs though, Gouf weaponry cannot pierce the AT field. The Gouf couldn't match the reaction speed of an Evy due to Evas being connected directly with the pilots. Not to mention the Eva could just step on it. Gundam-series mechs aren't that tall. Gundams themselved are usually around 40-50 meters. Evas are much larger, 2-4 times that (varying due to the paradox of Gainax scale). All Auska really has to do is kick the Gouf.
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