Gothic-class cruiser VS Death Star 2

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The Gothic-class cruiser Intolerable used the warp one day and ended up in the Star Wars verse. The cruisers crew see the galactic empire as heretics, and the Death Stars crew see the cruiser as an annoyance to the peace of the galaxy and both want to kill each other. They are aware of each others presence, the cruiser is out of the Death Stars range, and both have their basic weaponry and cargo load, no prep time, and complete destruction is necessary for a win. so who wins?

sidenote: In the Warhammer books a ship can vary from being 8 KM long, to 100 KM long, and even city sized, so to make this fair the cruiser will be capped at 5 KM long as the size sounds decent and has been stated in some sources. Also Star Wars is a cartoon so in Otaku terms and in Japan that's technically an anime (short for animation) just in case anyone was wondering if this followed the sites rules or not.

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