Gotenks vs. Kid Buu

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Gotenks (Super Saiyain)
Gotenks (Super Saiyain)
Kid Buu
Kid Buu

Goku and Vegeta tired, they decide that their children do the merger to fight against Kid Buu. Gotenks, quickly transforms into Super Saiyan and decides to confront and defeat the villain.


- Gotenks can only transform into Super Saiyan with the potential to transform into Super Saiyan 3.

- Fight to the death or incapacitation

Who will win this battle?

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Gotenks would win in either Super Saiyan form. Gotenks was able to fight and damage Super Buu with a Ghost Kamikaze Attack who was stronger than Kid Buu. He spam that and wins.

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While Gotenks shows off, Kid Buu destroys the planet.

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Gotenkusu stomps.


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Gotenks stomps. Kid Buu isn't a big a threat as Super Buu.
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@Supreme Marvel said:

While Gotenks shows off, Kid Buu destroys the planet.

my thoughts exactly. There is more than one way to beat someone besides a slugfest. Gotenks is far too immature he will probably beat kidbu but will never be able to kill him before he runs out of power. it's been shown that the buus a very resilient and very difficult to kill vegeta committed suicide on arguably the weakest incarnation of buu and that wasn't enough to destroy him. Gotenks can't win he is immature on focused and lacks the overwhelming power of vegito and gogeta.

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