Gotei 13 Captains vs. Three Admirals

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Shinigami rarely if ever resort to sealing in combat, but if there's verse equalization, there is no equivalent to haki so outside of hax like Yamamoto's or Aizen's zanpakutou for example, they would need such measures as sealing or certain Kidou to deal with logias.
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Admirals are just too powerful
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@ImDictatorBowDown said:

@luthluth: By the time they come to that conclusion, it's likely a good chunk of their forces will already be wiped out. Still I won't rule out the possibility of it happening, I just think they would resort to Kido and hax before sealing techniques, but that's subjective.


and again:

OP says IC.

That being said, Yama has proven time and time again that he's too arrogant to use bankai from the get go, and he say words of wisdom before actually doing shit that takes time, time he doesn't have when fighting someone like Kizaru, other captains are like that too.

Admirals on the other hand are professionals and will do shit right away, but they often let the opponent attack first.

So the fight probably will start with the captains babbling shit to the Admirals, haki will then kick in and the Admirals will know who/how/where would the captains attacks, and would proceed to counter-attack, Kizaru alone would probably take out the lesser captains, Aokiji flash freezing the others and Akainu would most likely go one-on-one with Yama. Yama would probably use bankai at this point seeing that his comrades fell to highly capable opponents, but he won't have the time since Admirals don't just watch as their opponent tries to power up.

So, I say Admirals win due to primarily CIS.

And about Kizaru having a long hang-time, he probably was just floating because he's light, since light has no mass, he's basically no-selling gravity.

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Most of the current captains are featless. Need to wait till we get more feats

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The admirals lose because of reaitsu crush. Are you happy now?


How on earth is he island lvl.

  1. He did not do that town lvl + feat casually lol
  2. He had the entire fight to prep - from the moment Aizen begun fighting the gotei 13(maybe even before that possibly as soon as he defeated Halibel's fraccion) and vizards to the end - numerous chapters
  3. Since you like character statements over actual feats - It was stated to be a town lvl + feat - Aizen said it would have destroyed an area greater the Karkura town
  4. Do not over hype things -_-
  5. Not easily 15 million, it can reach up to that temperature, which is impressive
  6. That fake emperor guy was 'Q' ranked of course he would feel like he would turn to ash - do not forget 'B' ranked guy was there and he was fine
  7. There intangibility will defend against that maybe not Kuzan though but I'm still not sure about that
  8. What force fields are you talking about?
  9. I would be inclined to say that Yama easily crushes Kuzan but from Ace's showings I do not believe he can
  10. I bring it to you again Ace flame feats>Yama's
  11. Yama's flame statements>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ace's
  12. Shinji attack can easily be adapted to as its just a trick (it is not genjutsu or KS) or the opponent can attack in all direction to harm him to be released from it
  13. Yama will not solo... Fine I am going to say Kizaru solo's
  14. Why don't you wait until more of the captains bankai's/power ups are revealed then I will probably side with you - I can see a ridiculous hax being revealed soon
  15. What hax kido has been revealed apart from Aizen's showings and that tesla guy, Urahara and the guy who fought Barrigan - I can only think of Byakuya but his were not powerful
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1. He can do that town level feat casually for he did it with ease with no strain it also depends of the circumstances. He clearly cant do that in Soul society

2. Karkura town could be considered a small island about 87.46 km^2( the size of Manhattan ) so flames from ryujin jakka could destroy an area of that size.

3. The quincies all have blut vene which protects them from high temperature and damage.

4. Aokiji and Akainu will get vaporized once hit by yammas flames. Aokiji gets turned into steam which he cannot revert from. Akainu gets burned by temperatures greater than hes own which is how he stated to have killed ace. Their attacks are also useless against yamma in bankai hes heat provides him with defense from their attacks.

5. The admirals can also get imprisoned by sealing kido

6. Yamma is capable of all aces showings and much more ace.The best thing i have seen ace do is burn down a house thrown at him.

7.Yamamoto will solo for their attacks wont hurt him in bankai and he takes them out excluding Kizaru who can be sealed. Sinji shikai will lead to their end it wont be easy to move when their entire sense of direction is distorted and the admirals spam attacks aimlessly.

8. Two top captains in bleach have yet to show the full scope of their powers and bankai today i learned that konamura is immortal in human form.

You can deny all you want but the admirals cannot solo all the captains, they will pose a threat but not take out all. They will get sealed and countered. I am even removing reaitsu crush because it wont be much of a fight.

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  1. If it was casual he would not need the captains & vizards to be cut down before he could finish preparations lol Yama even said he was preparing for that even the captains knew... It was not casual buddy.
  2. I may have downplayed it a bit but its still not island lvl from what I have read more like small city lvl
  3. I know they all have but obviously different rank in power means greater or weaker blut vene that guy was 'Q' ranked & the 'B' ranked guy was there as well
  4. Kuzan maybe but I doubt he would harm Akainu simply because I have yet to see Yama's flame feat surpass Ace
  5. Sword attacks yes not elemental attacks like light last I check Yama is not intangible
  6. The longer he uses his bankai the worse it is for him as he can not sustain it.. Good luck to him to try & pull a sealing technique suitable for intangible foes out of his ass
  7. So how does that mean he can solo ffs. At most he can do is harm Kuzan but I still do not believe his flames are superior to Ace's. Kuzan aside his bankai can not harm the other 2.
  8. I should be the one saying Ace can do much more than Yama. Yama can reach Ace's feats through prep aside from that passive feat of affecting an entire island's climate.
  9. The intangible foes will be sealed by some unknown kido (unknown even to the manga)
  10. I have already said 'Why don't you wait until more of the captains bankai's/power ups are revealed then I will probably side with you - I can see a ridiculous hax being revealed soon'
  11. Immortal body does not mean he can not be stopped by other means by the way
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Sorry but Ace doesn't surpass Yama in anything. Not in heat or scope. Banaro island was tiny. It housed one village which took up a decent amount of the island. Even if it were a decent sized island, Dai Enkai didn't take up even half of it. Even if Ace had greater scope which I can't see how, his actual heat is vastly inferior. He never burned anything beyond would on panel. Yama reaches 27 million. Even if you don't want to believe that, he incinerated steel and stone in an instant which is more impressive than wood not instantaneously.
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Fair enough it was not a big island. My point is without prep Yama feats are not greater. His heat is not vastly inferior as Ace passively changed the climate on Choppers home island and I know you know that was a big island. He never explicitly burned anything other than wood but the steel components to make up battleships count. Yama can reach up to 15 million degrees, not the core temperature of the sun.

Yama's bankai/technique has all his flames on the tip of his sword of course it would be potent enough to at least do that.

Imagine if Ace had the flame emperor attack at the tip of his finger.

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True but Ace can't concentrate his flames to the extent that Yama can. Also 15 million is as hot as the core of the sun. Drum island is impressive. It's cold there and it's bigger than Banaro. However Yamamade Seireitei so hot that all the moisture dried up and even getting within meters of him was impossible without Blut Vene. Also he can apparently obliterate all Soul Sofiety unrestrained.
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Fair enough with prep and/or bankai the potency of his attacks are greater. I'm pretty sure the core temp of the sun can reach over 27 million. Its a winter island it is constantly cold and snowing there. That was impressive but I doubt he could sustain his bankai for that long before he destroys SS but it is possible.

I will concede to the fact that Kuzan gets burnt to a crisp but I am nowhere near convinced that he is hotter than Akainu apart from the character statement of '15 million degrees'.

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Honestly, in my opinion, I think the captains win due to more numbers and hax. Shinji, Mayuri, Yama, Komumura, Kenpachi, Ukitake, Shunsui, etc. I just think its too much for the Admirals to take.

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The sun can reach 27 million degrees Fahrenheit which is 15 million degrees Celsius. The Japanese like 90+ % of the world use Celsius for their temperature measurements. America primarily still uses Fahrenheit. And magma can't stand up to that whether it were Celsius or Fahrenheit. As Haschwald stated it wasn't even fire at that point as fire can't reach that heat nor can magma. It would actually be plasma in the real world which looks a lot like fire.
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