Good Buu vs Goku and Vegeta

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Morals off

No fusion


Battle takes place on Kai planet

Who wins?

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goku in ssj2 is almost as strong as good buu. with vegeta's help (who is equal to him) he should be able to take him out, mid-high diff

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Super saiyan 2 Vegeta was even, maybe a bit more powerful than Goku in his super saiyan 2 form. Vegeta could not do anything to Fat Buu. We saw what Majin power could do with the likes of Spotovich, so who knowns how much being Majin actually did to save Vegeta. The fight could have been over a lot faster.

I don't think either could stop Fat Buu with his regenerative ability.

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Fat Buu was on par with ssj3 Goku. I don't think that even 2 ssj2s could win, although they could give him trouble.
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Vegeta could hold him off while Goku chargers up the Spirit Bomb.

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Fat Buu is still vastly superior to them here, he would have no problem taking out the Saiyans. Goku wished that Vegeta was still alive so they could fuse to take him out, and doubted his own power as it was the same as Vegeta's.  
Scans of the scene from Kami's look out after Goku was healed by Dende.
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Problem with Spirit Bomb is that Fat Buu became good and seemingly even joined the Z fighters at the end. It would have to be Fat Buu as evil Fat Buu for that to work which could happen then. Vegeta could hold Buu for a few minutes to seconds for sure, unless Buu were out of character. They are bloodlusted however. Buu would have no qualms destroying the planet to hinder Goku performing the spirit bomb.
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@Supreme Marvel: @Sonata: @taichokage: Do you guys serious believe Fat Buu = Good Buu?

Mr. Buu is around 30% of Kid Buu's/Majin Fat Buu's power after separation. He wasn't Majin Fat Buu when he fought Kid Buu.

Buuhan > Buutenks > Buucolo > Super Buu > Buff Buu > Kid Buu > Fat Buu > Evil Buu > Mr Buu

You guys might wanna reconsider your outlook on this battle.

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@SpeedForceSpider: What's the difference between fat buu and good buu?

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Mr. Buu or Good Buu are the same. Fat Buu was his initial power. Then his power split into what we know as Evil Buu and Good Buu. Evil Buu possessed about 60% of the power so he won and ate Good Buu and became Super Buu.
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I don't know. I think they are the same level. If evil Buu had actually been contributing to Good Buu's power, the level should have been the same when evil Buu reabsorbed him. But instead they turned into Super Buu. Also Good Buu was able to fight relatively well against Kid Buu who was stronger than initial Fat Buu. He shouldnt have been able to do that I he was less than half as strong as he was before since Kid Buu was stronger than Fat Buu in his first appearance.
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@SpeedForceSpider: Its true that Good Buu is weaker than the original Fat Buu due to separating. But guess how much power he lost is pure speculation. Kid Buu is far more powerful than all the 3 fighters stated here. Kid Buu and Evil Buu were the only one that showed on Panel to beat Good Buu by physical means. Characters that are much stronger than Goku and Vegeta. I'm still leaning toward Good Buu, but slightly now because he still has very high end durability plus the chocolate beam which Goku and Vegeta have no real counter for. 
Edit:  EDIT: Buff Buu is stronger than Super Buu by the way:)
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The Team should win! 
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@taichokage: Its because of the portions of power due to separation Evil Buu and Mr. Buu was closer in power hence I say. 60%-40% for them. But the whole Kid Buu thing makes since for it to be smaller like 70%-30% because Kid Buu is stronger than Evil Buu.

@Sonata: Fosho, I initially believed Buff Buff > Super Buu as well. I disagree with the power separation being speculation tho. I feel you can easily figure that out at least. For this fight I think it could go either way tbh.

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I'm really not sure how they could beat Buu do to regeneration. I also don't see anything that would be stopping him from absorbing them. I mean I guess Vegeta could kill himself again then goku could try to completely destroy those pieces I guess, but I don't know.

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Mr. Buu might win but not easy since Goku and Vegeta can come up with a strategy to defeat him, also they are more skilled in fighting.

Tho I think Buu's hax abilities would grant him the victory here.

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Since in the series.. Goku states that when he went ssj3 to fight buu, he had the power to defeat him no problem... Even if they only have use of just ssj2 they have several options to defeat buu... 1. Vegeta distracts buu while Goku charges the Spirit Bomb, 2. Goku and Vegeta combine there attacks into one massive blast, 3. Goku absorbs Vegeta's power like they did in the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Movie vastly increasing Goku's power well above his normal limits...

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