Gon, Natsu, Allen vs Liberty Prime and Big Daddy Bouncer x3

Topic started by IndridCold on Sept. 16, 2013. Last post by Kobra678 10 months, 2 weeks ago.
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Gon is in his adult form, Natsu has atlas flames, and Allen can use his exorcist blade.

Who wins?

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Can't comment on Liberty Prime since I haven't played Fallout, but I know for a fact the Big Daddies get swatted away like flys.

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@Stingerrain: The Big Daddies can casually walk 6 miles under the ocean and that would take some amazing strength and durability. As for Liberty Prime, he has a near limitless amount of explosives that are much more powerful than the average mini-nuke and throws them like footballs. Also he has a bunch of laser weapons (most notably the twin lasers) and was able to walk through energy barriers like nothing. It took an orbital missile strike to actually destroy his body.

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Natsu should solo this really and gon should be able to as well in his adult form.

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Liberty Prime destroys the Communists

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Team 1

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