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Which anime character you think that would put up a good fight against Goku? Dragon Ball characters don't count...

The battle should happen between the Frieza and Android Saga. Goku can turn into SSJ, but not "forever" as seen in the Cell Games.

*The only people I could think of were Meryem and Ichigo (Mugetsu), but none of them seemed to be on a real par with Goku*

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What anime are you into? There are a number of characters that could match or exceed Goku. Dangai Ichigo and especially Meryem aren't close to Goku's level. It's a bit harder to think of characters that could only put up a fight though. Maybe Tetsuo Shima from Akira with control of his abilities. He's a bit inconsistent but powerful none the less.
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I'd say Raizen from yu yu hakusho in his prime, but he'd probably stop at early-mid namek saga goku.

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Age, from Heroic Age.

Jio Freed, from 666 Satan.

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Not shown in the anime yet but Iihiko from medaka box manga would roflstomp goku.

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