Goku vs Vegeta

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Auron said:
"Winchester said:
"Auron said:
"I dont understand how Goku would defeat Vegeta so easily when he NEVER defeats anyone he fights easily."
Maybe not but those same people usually put Vegeta on his ass.

Auron said:
"Vegeta beat Goku both times they fought and at SS4 they are the same strength"
The second time the fought Goku would have destroyed Vegeta......He was holding back in that fight.

Vegeta still won though and those people  beat Vegeta beasue of plot  that is all if Goku and Vegeta were on the same lvl of strength I think Vegeta would defeat. Just look at the secnd time they fought Goku could have gone SS3 and defeated Vegeta right there but he didnt, Goku still wanted to win that fight Vegeta had him on the ropes a few times and could have finished Goku off but as the story is told Goku never loses."
Yeah and if he went SS3 he would have won, which shows he is stronger. It was also part of the plot that Vegeta won because it devoloped the story for other characters like Trunks. Vegeta even said it himself that Goku was better than him. Goku is just better than Vegeta in everyway.
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At SS4 they were the same strength people keep saying Goku would easily defeat Vegeta when thats wrong Vegeta at ss4 would be Gokus hardest battle ever (besides Omega Shenron) I think it would be a stalemate in which both of them die. People overlook Vegeta because he had bad showings in DBZ lol I will never understand why they did that to him when he was their best character IMO same goes for Piccolo but thats off-topic  and for another thread.
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Goku would beat that vegetable any-day of the week!
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I think this fight would end in a draw.
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Goku wins.  

Vegeta is good, but his problem's named overconfidence. Many time he has loss because of his unability to see his own limit and he's too sure of himself. When he trained, he doesn't push himself enough (See the cell saga.) and when he fight he waste too much time to show off...he let Cell absorb Cyborg 17 and Cyborg 18 because he's too sure of him, and get his @ss kicked !
Vegeta should have readed Sun tzu !
Maybe he standed a chance against Goku when he come for the first time in earth, but after that, he was definitely second. 
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Goku will win this battle, even though it is true that when Goku and Vegeta are equals Vegeta shows the better skill. Problem is in this fight they are not equals Goku has been in SS4 form longer than Vegeta has and trained very hard to obtain that level of power, while Vegeta has to use a machine to do so.
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*long pause*..................goku wins LOL

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@Supercool99 said:
Vegeta would actually win this, one thing that I have noticed is that vegeta is a better fighter than goku, and whilst goku is always more powerful vegeta is able to give the bad guys a battle. When vegeta is equal to goku, vegeta wins. 
He is always the underdog, but it is his true warrior abilities that get him through. He is a true fighter. 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ0v2hUVcqo     "

I would like to add that goku is now immortal, and has 100 years of training over vegeta. 
If they are equal in power vegeta would win, bu they never are. 
That is why DBZ is stupid, vegeta trains on earth very hard, more than anybody, and he is still second fiddle, lol, what are they trying to tell the kids. 
Somebody told me that they think that vegeta will never be stronger than goku, because goku has a pure heart, and it would not be right if a cold-blooded warrior is stronger than goku, it is more for ethical reasons, because it is obvious that vegeta is the more hard-working (except GT, whats up with that).
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Vegeta wins

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@Auron said:


Vegeta wins


It is not that simple for it is hard to tell, for some reason vegeta is a btter fighter than goku, and goku more powerful than the prince of all saiyans, the roles appear to have shifted. Vegeta has done more in his ssj2 form than goku could wish, heck he held his own for a bit against kid buu in NORMAL FORM. But goku is always more powerful than Vegeta. They know how each other fight and so with equal powerlevels they should be absolutely equal. Vegeta is better at fighting enemies as an underdog. The only time they made him weak was in the Broly movie, it was stupid. Vegeta is smart and if he has enough passion he could win this. It also depends because theoretically goku's instant transmission could end the fight in seconds. Vegeta needs to learn that move. 

PS I think that the only reason Vegeta was not a ssj3 is because he would have owned Kid Buu.
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If they are both at the same powerlevel, Vegeta wins. He is a btter fighter than Goku(who wasnt even that good of a fighter seeing as he was getting destroyed by people with lesser fighting skills than he had) If we go by the way DBZ was set up(the main character(Goku)always wins) then Goku wins. Vegeta was better than Goku anyways.
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