Goku vs Thor

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@Jinbeifan1 said:  

Flagged. And you sound like you watch the secret life of the american teenager. 

Freiza's look attack isnt strength obviously

Did i say its strength? Or did i say he blew up a mountain with a look?  Didn't he hit Goku in the face with this attack ? Wasn't goku completely fine? Yup. Like i said, i forgot i have things to you as if you were a child. God knows act like one.

  for the transmutating molecules thing, all Thor would have to do is grab him once and its over, sure goku could avoid him for awhile, but thor could just do a large thunder clap, create a gigantic storm, send lighting all over the area etc. goku cant avoid him forever, 

Why because thats how steve died? LOL goku is way too fast for Thor. Thors going to get his head blown off before he can even react. Thors fighting speed is nothing compared to Goku's. You'l disagree of course, name call like a pathetic, b utthurt child you are. But you wont post superior feats. Thunderclap? Lightning? lol Gokus faster than sound and lighting but sure whatever.   

 and if he does an instant transmission kamehameha he wont be able to kill thor with it, he'll also be out of a lot of ki and thor would just grab him and vaporize him. 

lol he'll take thors head off with it. Goku is a multi planet buster. Not trying his super saiyan form can destroy 20 planets. Show me one scan of Thor tanking anywhere near that amount of energy output. lol goku fully charged used a full powered kamehameha against cell, and still had enough energy to fight off cell for a bit. Just throwing that out there. Doesn't matter, because Goku will kill Thor with the first shot.  
you wanted a better arguement, there it is. oh and if thor used the magic to build up his strength then why not do it the whole time? Goku wouldnt be able to tank that. 
It's not a better argument. Just a different from the same regurgitated stuff everyone else has been saying. Your argument consisted off thor will hit goku because you say so. And thor wont die from a multi planet busting attack, because you say so. Has thor used magic to build his strength before? No then he wont here. 

One last thing, Thor can also absorb energy with his hammer, so he can theoretically absorb all of Gokus ki and leave him useless     

And i already posted scans in which Thor attempted to absorb an energy blast and was too late, got hit a little, and almost died. Showing clearly he needs to know where the attack is coming from and needs to be fast enough to react to it. Instant Kamehameha. And then there's the fact that they can determine how much energy they put out at a given time, which helps them against energy absorbers. As seen when Piccolo was attacked by Dr. Gero.
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Alright i was acting childish i know and so I apologize, but you have to admit you were as well. Lets just get back to the arguement instead of trying to bash the other, alright?

ok a few flaws to your posting, i never said that thor was as fast as goku, not once. I said he could tag goku and sure, goku could avoid lightning the whole time, but if he plans to stay in the fight hes not gonna be able to avoid a tornado filled with lightning that could suck him in. he might be able to break away from it, but that would give thor time to attack. another thing, how is goku gonna avoid a hammer throw that goes FTL? until now their was no real showing of it, but I have a few.

it went across the entire galaxy in less than sixty seconds

heres a showing of thors strength

heres him absorbing enough energy to destroy an entire galaxy

he absorbed energy from that one are, absorbing energy from one man would be easy. heres also what he could do with gokus energy

he shoots it one hundred times stronger

he wont need to use gokus energy against him, but if he absorbs it then gokus powerless. and sure, they know how to deal with some energy absorbers, but tthe way that gero did it was different.

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goku will win with the kamehame!

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@SSJjanemba said:

goku will win with the kamehame!

absorbed by Mjolnir first

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Man people cannot debate in a civilized manner around here. This thread has gone on long enough and nobody appears to be budging its going no where fast.
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