Goku vs Third Form Frieza

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@Sonata: So your telling me that Goku was in Kaio-Ken mode for 2 whole episodes? dispite of being no mention of it, no showings of it? King kai's statement of Goku using Kaio-Ken does not mean that he used it the whole time, also you say that Goku dind't want to take any chance so he goes Kaio-Ken 10x to match Frieza? why didn't he go 20x and oneshot Frieza? he could have easly done it and would have taken Frieza by suprise. This is what you mean right? Goku having an PL of 3 mil but was using Kaio-Ken 10x the whole time before Frieza goes 50%?

Frieza admitted nothing of toying with Goku. Frieza was having fun fighting Goku and so was he. If Goku was at 30 mil like you said then explain to me how Frieza could fight Goku who has the same PL as him....with his hands behind his back? why didn't we see Piccolo not use his hands against Android 17? i tell you...because he would get murdered if he did.

Do you have hard proof of Goku able to maintain the Kaio-Ken for such an extended period of time? every time we see the usage of the Kaio-Ken its only for a brief moment (Goku vs Vegeta, Goku vs Turles, Goku vs Pikkon) so how come Goku just....manged to stay in Kaio-Ken for 2 goddamn episodes?

Forgive me if i misunderstood your post its getting late here :) be back tommorrow.

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@niBBit: Goku couldn't hold on to KKx20 for long. Even when he eventually used it it was only in a short burst. He still got dominated after wards. The KKx20 was Goku's maximum, and using your full power at a longer time rate wears you down. Frieza suffered this problem when he was @ 100% Power, he eventually wore down. Frieza not using his hands also doesn't mean much. When he has a tail which was just like using his hands when he was slapping Goku around and choking him. That didn't matter as Goku and Frieza still were able to counter each other easily enough. Episode length also has nothing to do with how long the KK can last. In the Manga you could read The beginning for their fight till Frieza makes his last offer to Goku in about 5 minutes. so all the other stuff is filler lol. Goku and Turles was filler. Goku and Vegeta was mainly because Goku never really finished his training with King Kai, as that was documented.  
Well I guess we will have to agree to disagree since have gone way off topic and I'm not posting in this thread again.
LOL alright then I'll see you later.
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I'm sure you've both mentioned it. I've not read through what you read and I was not that clear before. Sorry.

In the same chapter, Frieza talks about his 1% power level, and then rises to 50%. Tien mentions that Goku still has the kaioken and Kai says he's already been suing it. Next chapter Goku says, maybe I can go 20 times kaioken? And then goes it.

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