Goku vs. Sonic

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@Iju said:

your logic so bad i could cry for you. its so embarrasing!

really? if somone does something ONCE in their life, it doesnt count or isnt concidered legit? since when did THAT make sense?

the slaves were set free (but only ONCE) in 1865. no way! they werent set free a LOT of times, not it doest count! they still need to be slaves, it happed only once!

you were once 3 years old. but that only happened ONCE! so, accoring to your logic, you were only 3 once and that means you were NEVER 3 years old!

you were homeless once. but that doesnt mean ANYTHING! after all, you were homeless ONCE, and that means it NEVER happened!

your mother had a popsicle when she was 5, but only once. but she had it only ONCE, so she never had it in the first place!

see how rediculous that sounds?

if sonic did something only ONCE, then that takes away his BIRTHPLACE. he had only ONE game once upon a time. if we used your logic, when sonic just came out, SEGA would have to say, "well, sonic only had ONE game, so yeah, hes not a video game character. because he only came out ONCE!" and there would be no more sonic games.

That rule is used to discern what is a CONSISTENT feat for a character, something which they can consistently do without to much effort and so on, and something which is not.

I believe Captain America once knocked out Thor. Does that mean he can consistently knock out people on Thors level? Not a chance, it was there to serve the plot and has no consistency with the character at all.

Its the same as Sonic and his time travel feat. Just because it was shown, does not make it consistent with the character.

Another example of this is when Goku is hurt by a rock tossed at him by Kirllin, that would directly conflict with the fact that he has tanked planet busters and so on.

You applied this rule to a one off event in our daily lives, and what you go on to say is that by our logic none of these events occured. That is not what we are saying, we are saying that the likelyhood of these events occuring again in the same fashion are virtually impossible.

"He is occasionally referred to as "the fastest thing alive," and can run backwards at full speed just as well as forwards, as shown in the Team Sonic opening cut-scene of Sonic Heroes"

how is sonic proved to be called the fastest thing alive? look at the video.

Again this rule does not stretch to other forms of fiction, people like Flash and Zoom and many thousands to millions of times faster than Game Sonic.

at 4:14 that bird (jet) calls him by that name. thus the sonic wikia was telling the absolute truth.

the sonic wikia also said that sonic can run backwards. this came from the sonic wikia, so its wrong and biased. WRONG! not only did they give you proof by saying the game of when it appeared, but i also have a video to back up their proof.

Now I can't speak for everyone else here, but I for one feel that wikia pages have come along way since 5-6 years ago. Back then you could not trust a word on them, but now they are mostly reliable sources of information for people who do not follow that form of fiction. BUT they are still fan made which means they are prone to error, and when one is writing a wikipedia entry for the likes of sonic he does not take into account the likes of Flash and Zoom when saying "Sonic is the fastest thing alive".

you didnt answer 100Rings question of goku ever beating the villains/demons/aliens of the sonic universe. instead you lead it off with a nice big RED HERRING! to get what you ever so "want", they have shown planet busting. why in the heck would sonic defeat Dark Gaia if it wasnt a threat to planet busting? and in sonic adventure 2, the bio lizard was about to destoy the earth. its time for YOU to think now. Black Doom (shadow the hedgehog just ask for proof) wanted to take down his master and use shadow to take over the universe. shadow had also said that he could destoy the earth, too. now, i know you are thinking "this is SHADOW!" but in sonic battle (AFTER the fact) sonic could beat him, so he can beat a plante buster. now that your Red Herring is booted out the window, ANSWER 100RINGS'S QUESTION HE ASKED IN THE FIRST PLACE. and i have a few questions for YOU, also. has goku ever gotten out of time freeze, dealt with reality warping with ease, and transporting (NOT transmissing) with ease? all of these answers to these questions are an absolute NO. YOU stop acting like a fanboy. after all, you's better wtch it. last time i check, all you and DBZ_universe did and still do it rage about how he is "wrong" and "fanboyish", and you didnt give anything to support your point! not even a single quote of the wikia or video! all both of you did was rage! not one shred of proof! some nerve YOU both have! basicly, all you are worth here at the moment is just blowing a not of hot steam. i dont see why we have to break our back giving proof when you dont even give 1%. this isnt even an agument! this is just one sided in your view.

I am not going to debate Sonic here anyway since I never found any appeal from those games aside from old school 2D sonic. I could never understand why people enjoyed them so much, I guess I just never liked all the flashing lights and/or colourful scenery. What I will say is this going from my knowledge of Sonic, Goku is more powerful than Sonic, the speed they both have should be in the same region but Sonic just lacks any real strength or attacking power to hurt Goku. That is why he loses.

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@Iju: Me at a rage??? lol... that is funny!! I really don't get mad and fanboy?? i don't think so, I know there are characters that can own Goku and DBZ as well, or else I would be like.. Nooo Goku owns TOAA!!! but am not... also I said I wasn't going to debate here anymore.... but since you asked I'll answer your questions... But first

True Goku cannot move in time freeze... or it's physically fast to move through time like Sonic... But if Sonic is so great how come Dr. Eggman is able to build robots that can rival Sonic? (Hyper Metal Sonic)... Now you say that Sonic has defeated planet busters... yah, Planet earth is really small compare to Namek who is 10X bigger than earth, Frieza states he can destroy the planet if he wishes to... and yet Goku owns Frieza.. Majin buu is a UNIVERSAL threat yet Goku defeats Kid buu (even though he was one of the weakest Buus he was still a universal threat)

Now tell me can Sonic tank a Destruto Disk to the face with out the needs of help from Chaos emeralds or rings?, can he last longer than 5 minutes under water (with out the needs of the bubble) can he survive a getting blown up from inside like Vegeta did to Cui??

Also Sonic is only the fastest thing in his universe.... Barry Allen (II Flash) and Wally West (III Flash) would own him in a race... Sonic is like a statue compare to Barry and Wally... but than again those two are mans... not things. So I'll add in Speedy Gonzales and the Road Runner... those two would also own Sonic, due to their toon force...

or can Sonic beat this little guy?? The man from the draft board??

I know Goku can't... but can sonic defeat the ones I have listed in a race?? If he can't than he cannot be considered the "Fastest Thing Alive" :)

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@Iju: Also Why don't you just let this thread die?? it's old already...

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@DBZ_universe said:

@Iju: Also Why don't you just let this thread die?? it's old already...

goku slaughters soooooooooo

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@DBZ_universe: if sonic is that powerful, dont you think that Metal Sonic would have to compare to him? you obviously know a lot about DBZ, but nothing about sonic. you have never played sonic heroes, obviously. metal sonic has an infinite energy supply, (i would like to not that goku died in the first place because of that EXACT thing.) 4 whole transformations, can rival speed of sonic's, and with every transformations he gets faster, is a universal threat were ever he goes, and can destroy time itself. never has goku met someone this powerful, and even if he DID, im pretty sure he didnt win, anyway. come on! he got killed by Cell, and Cell is nothing like Metal Sonic. he cant even destroy time. only stuff of material. if you're such a big DBZ fan, you should know this.

about your comment on "earth being smaller" and all that. planet busting is planet busting. its that simple. dont put the size of the planet up like that matters. and yeah, and about frieza sating that he can destroy a planet, i believe you, because i watched the frieza saga (I LOVE FRIEZA! just putting that out there). and sonic can not only defeat planet busters, but he is a planet buster. his spindash can go through literally anything. all he has to do is just spindash (at and over light speed, mind you) through the planet. i dont really find destroying planets such a big accomplishment. all you have to do it just go to the core, then all chaos happens.

also, your comment on the Buus. its a good thing i look at DBZ too, and i would have believed you, but instead you took out one of the most important things goku had to do. he had SSJ3 in the first place, then he still got his can kicked some. last i check, none of the Buus went down without having some kind of power to help goku. wasnt VEGITO created just because of this problem? you're acting like a fanboy, editing out the truth to seem like goku handled him with ease or something. there is no way he can defeat Buu without teaming up with vegeta.

and yes, i would consider the fact that sonic wouldnt survive a desruto disk....in base form. when is the last time i will tell you that Super Sonic is invincible to all physical attacks, and is only harmed to things/aliens that can warp reality and can do something to time. goku had never been a reality warper,let alone being stated he has the power to destroy time itself. so no harm will come to sonic against goku. but anyway, back to sonic (in base form) and the disk. think about it. do you really think sonic is dumb enough to just stand there and do nothing? it hasnet been proven that destructo disks can go at light speed, (and anyway, sonic can evade things traveling at light speed) let alone sound speed. sonic will evade it will absolute masterful ease. he's dealt with MISSILES before. and higher. his planning in combat is called uncanny. there is no way that he'll be distracted with the disk. and sonic in water and the whole thing. do you think sonic really wont jump out of the water? he is a tremendous jumper, and has been proven to jump out of water, anyway. hes not this weak baby, as you may think. and vegeta and the whole thing. again, do you really think that sonic would just stand there and do nothing? plus, that's CUI. probably one of the weakest DBZ characters ever. come on, thats not even vegeta in his strongest state. sonic is much stronger that Cui, (give sonic some credit, for Sam's sake) so it probably wouldnt do anything. plus, sonic doesnt need to eat or sleep. goku will become insanely weak if he doesnt eat.

from the DBZ wikia: (http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Goku)

"Even in combat, Goku is shown to not be invincible, as he has two major weaknesses. The first weakness is his tail; before he conditioned himself prior to the Tien Shinhan Saga, Goku lost all his power when someone grabbed his tail (a trait that all Saiyans share at birth). The second is his unfathomable appetite; not only does he eat at a rate that would be nearly impossible for a normal Human, but if he does not get any food, he becomes too weak to do almost anything. This weakness was never overcome, and almost got him killed against several enemies, like Tambourine and Nuova Shenron. On the flipside, however, Goku's love for food has gotten him out of trouble several times; for example, in the Tournament Saga, when put to sleep by Jackie Chun, Bulma was able to save his match by screaming to him that dinner was ready, to which Goku immediately woke up to break the count.

just one question referring to this video. did you see sonic scrambling around for rings? not even sonic himself said anything about rings, let alone the characters in the game. dont you think that every time sonic would go super in from of his friends, they would say something like "make sure you got those rings, sonic!" the rings are irrelevant. completely at that.

if rings were really the problem, in the video above, when the emerald were turned black, sonic should have still been able to go super, because if he had rings, it wouldnt matter. even in gameplay the rings played no important part in his being super.

once again, sonic went super with no rings in sight. and the rings were not needed for him to stay super. it has been proven in so many games that him going super is nothing related to rings outside of game mechanics.

im not going into that "fastest thing alive" again. it was simply a quote i took out from the wikia. i wasnt really going to pin point on that. it was just something that supported proof from the wikia said to shut that guy up, raging about the wikia being biased and all that.if i do talk about it, this topic will be all about the stupid, slow Flash and speed, which has nothing to do with this topic, and it'll get locked. why can you just admit that sonic IS the fastest thing alive, anyway?

you underestimate sonic dreadfully. and those point you made were just turned into baloney. and how is this topic old? it isnt even 3 months old. not even one MONTH old. the oldest post is 2 weeks ago.

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@Iju: I get your points and I agree... with most

Also you said it your self.. Super Sonic is immune to PHYSICAL attacks... then that would mean that the DD can hurt him... Also the size of a planet does matter... so does this mean since they can destroy earth, they can destroy a planet that would be 1000X bigger than our Sun??? answer me that one.

Yes I have played Sonic games.. the 3D ones suck but the 2D one are better. also Sonic dies by touching a robot crab.

Also I don't need quotes from wikia... I know Dragon Ball my self, I have read every chapter. and yes Goku is not the strongest.

Also I will not accept that Sonic is the "fastest"... like I said can Sonic run faster than Flash?? time travel it's baby play for flash... Wally and Bary can steal his speed thus making Sonic super slow like a statue... Road Runner or Speedy Gonzales would own him... especially the man from the draft board. if Sonic can beat those four... than I can gladly accept that he is the fastest...

But since you are adding different Sonic games than it would be fair to use 150+ year old Goku fused with the 7 Dragon Balls at SSJ3 (since you said no SSJ4 and you also never said what version of Goku)... and you know what the DBs can do... Goku can easily wish him self to be faster than reality, he can banish the emeralds from existence... or even better... he can wish him self to be the creator of the Sonic universe and making Sonic a normal hedgehog... that sounds pretty awesome ja?? but Im not gonna include Goku in this form cause then it would be a cheap win and it's non canon... So I'll just use end of Z Goku.

Yes I consider this thread old...

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Super Sonic is invincible to all physical attacks, and is only harmed to things/aliens that can warp reality and can do something to time.

No limits fallacy. Unless you are saying he can shrug off physical attacks from pre-retcon beyonder or someone on a similar scale.

4 whole transformations, can rival speed of sonic's,

Game sonic can go lightspeed with certain abilities. His normal speed is much slower than that.

and can destroy time itself.

Only with a Chaos Emerald.

and sonic can not only defeat planet busters, but he is a planet buster.

Video of game Sonic blowing up a planet please.

his spindash can go through literally anything. all he has to do is just spindash (at and over light speed, mind you) through the planet

False, It can go through enemies, walls, buildings etc. But it will not go through a planet. I will get to the lightspeed stuff in more detail soon.

and sonic in water and the whole thing. do you think sonic really wont jump out of the water? he is a tremendous jumper, and has been proven to jump out of water,

using the wiki that you have been quoating I found this gem.

"Sonic is incapable of swimming, which causes him to sink like a stone in water, probably mainly due to his great body weight for his size and narrow limbs or possibly due to his presumed aquaphobia (or he just does not know how to swim). Although, if hitting the water while running, he can dash across the water's surface, completely bypassing the hazard (an exception being in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in which all characters are able to swim, but he can only swim for a brief period of time before drowning)"

So unless he hits the water running he is not going to jump out.

sonic doesnt need to eat or sleep. goku will become insanely weak if he doesnt eat.

Standard battle rules would overide this, unless im mistaken.

just one question referring to this video. did you see sonic scrambling around for rings? not even sonic himself said anything about rings, let alone the characters in the game. dont you think that every time sonic would go super in from of his friends, they would say something like "make sure you got those rings, sonic!" the rings are irrelevant. completely at that.

if rings were really the problem, in the video above, when the emerald were turned black, sonic should have still been able to go super, because if he had rings, it wouldnt matter. even in gameplay the rings played no important part in his being super.

False again, to go Super Sonic he would require all the Chaos Emeralds and usually 50 rings. This only changed when they gave sonic 50 rings to begin with and they were used in place of a countdown timer for the duration of his super transformation. This is also a quoat for your wiki page in regards to this.

"In the actual story canon, Sonic only needs to use the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to turn into Super Sonic. While he doesn't need to collect fifty rings to trigger the transformation because, for most games after Sonic Adventure, he automatically starts with them. The rings slowly deplete as they sustain the super form as a game mechanic. Once Super Sonic is out of rings, he will revert back to Sonic. Though, it is possible for Sonic to indefinitely hold his transformation -- in sonic adventure, he kept it for almost a week. One theory is that Super Sonic does not use rings and can maintain the form, yet in gameplay when he is fighting in the harsh extreme environments he fights in, he is using more energy and might need rings to conserve it, thus the depleting ring count. Also, Sonic is often not exactly invincible, as taking a hit would throw him back(along with other super forms) without him losing any rings, but later games as of Super Smash Bros. Brawl have (re)tweaked him to become completely invincible(save for pits and certain hazards regarding pits of course.)"

While he can hold the transformation for a long time outside of combat, it will run out much quicker in combat.

As for his light speed feats, Light speed dash must be done by going through a trail of rings and the player must have also obtained the Light Speed Boots, His Light Speed attack requires him to have Ancient Light power up.

And the last video in your post is a plot device/game mechanic used to keep Sonic in his super state for the duration of the boss battle. many games use this mechanic to extend the time one can use his abilitys or for shooters, increase the clip size to infinite, one such game that I completed recently used this, Starwars TFU2, in which it gives you an infinite force chaos meter that does not drain or run out in part 2 of your final fight with Vader. Another would be Mass Effect 3's infamous "Endless Clip" which allows you to shoot continuously without reloading or running out of ammo.

After reading what you were saying I thought I would do a bit of research myself to validate everything you were saying.

For one you have not specified in the OP if Sonic has the Chaos Emeralds or other devices which allow him to use light speed dash or attack. Which in turn means that he is just standard Sonic, which also means that he is not "invincible to all physical attacks" nor will he be altering time.

Second, is that Sonic is unable to run in frictionless environments such as space (To my knowledge, if anyone can show me him running in space then by all means do so). Which would mean than when Goku blows up the planet Sonic will be unable to continue the battle anyway.

Third, Sonic is unable to swim, so Goku can just pick him up and fly straight into the Ocean so as not to give Sonic the chance to run on the surface, which means that sonic dies via drowning.

Now I did say I was not going to debate Sonic, but to be honest I am tired and there is nothing good on TV tonight so I thought I would look up some of his stuff. And after reading this again myself I have the strangest feeling that you might alter the OP to give Sonic the advantage, which would be rather low if im honest but it is your fight after all.

Just for the record (And to point out my above points) this is what it is currently, excluding the image.

They can go all out at it! The battle can go from planets to just outer space.Suggestions? (P.S. update 6/19/12 GAME SONIC ONLY PEOPLE! SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION!) (MORE UPDATE 6/22/12 NO and I repeat, NO SSJ4. I'm NOT doing this to take away Goku's power in any way, but just listen here. SSJ3 could shake the world powering up. SSJ4 could barely lift up a city. SSJ4, no matter how good it sounds, just isn't strong and powerful like SSJ3. So no SSJ4! It would only weaken Goku more!)


GOKU (http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Goku#Techniques)


"Goku's signature move throughout the series. Goku first learns the move after witnessing Master Roshi use it to save the Ox-King and Chi-Chi's castle from an inferno (but only ends up destroying it, along with a nearby mountain). Throughout the remainder of Dragon Ball, Goku continues to master the Kamehameha and uses it in nearly every battle during Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT."

Spirit Bomb

"Arguably Goku's most powerful technique, taught to him by King Kai during his training for the upcoming battle against Vegeta and Nappa. Goku uses the Spirit Bomb numerous times, most notably against Frieza and Kid Buu. It is only against the latter that the technique actually works in the manga storyline."

Instant Transmission

"Goku uses this technique on Hirudegarn to finish him off in the 13th Movie. He also uses this in GT against Super Android 17 as well as Eis Shenron and Omega Shenron before the latter regenerated."

SONIC (http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(character)#Powers_and_Abilities)

Powers and Abilities

"It is unknown how much faster Sonic can run beyond Mach 1, although it is variously assumed that he can. InSonic Battle, it is stated that he can move several times the speed of sound and in Emerl's story, Sonic takes on and defeats the Gizoid in under 30 seconds, before the Final Egg Blaster fires in that time. It is also believed that Sonic can move faster while in spinball form than running, possibly even reaching the speed of light due to the various proofs, such as in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes, where he could use the Light Speed Attack which, stated by Tikal, attacks enemies at light speed. He can likewise achieve light speed movements with his Light Speed Dash."

Physical Abilities

"In line with his speed, Sonic has displayed amazing feats of movement and has reaction time to match it. He possesses great acrobatic skills and agility, alongside with astonishing reflexes, making him able to avoid large and small obstacles with precise jumps and delicate movements, such as his Quick Step, despite the speed they are incoming at, and when launched into the air, he can perform several airborne tricks before finally landing on ground. He has also shown on several occasions that he can jump incredible long distances, up to several hundred meters, possibly by applying his speed to his jumps."

"Sonic also possesses an indomitable force of will; even in situations where most others would give up and resign themselves to defeat or imprisonment, and in situations where he is severely outnumbered and outgunned, he always forges on, never loses faith in himself and never quits. This character trait is most noticeable in Sonic Unleashed, wherein, thanks to his will, he is one of the few people on the planet who is immune to the influence ofDark Gaia. This is also shown in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, where the Voxai Overmind attempts to use mind control on Sonic, and he resists when all other characters fail to do so, though it may be because he possessed a Chaos Emerald filled with the Overmind's power. It appears once more in Sonic and the Black Knight, where he continues to fight Merlina despite having Caliburn broken in half and beaten to the point where he could barely stand. He presumably performed a similar feat in Sonic Battle when facing Ultimate Emerl. Emerl was vastly superior to Sonic in every aspect: he has the abilities of every character, all seven Chaos Emeralds and the power of the Final Egg Blaster. Thanks to his force of will, he was able to perform the impossible: defeat an opponent who is superior to him in almost every way possible. The only time his will didn't work was in Sonic Rivals 2 when he got possessed by the Ifrit in Tails' story scenario. It's safe to assume that if he does get possessed, he does all he can to regain control.

Sonic has also demonstrated the ability to harness the power of the Chaos Emerald for his own use. With one Chaos Emerald Sonic can warp time and space with Chaos Control, and occasionally gains a boost in power."

If I disobeyed any rules, I would like it if someone told me BEFORE locking, please!

As you can see there you never gave Sonic the Chaos Emeralds, which would mean that he does not have them or the abilitys they bring with them.

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@DBZ_universe: what the heck is DD.....

like i said, im NOT talking about that "fastest thing alive thing" over again. i proved my point to somebody else and won, and like i said, THIS IS ABOUT SONIC AND GOKU. FLASH CAN DROP HIS SLOW SELF DEAD FOR ALL I CARE.

and once again you act desperate and come up with GAME MECHANICS!!!! and (AGAIN!!!!!!), you ignore my prove facts. i have a question. why dont you admit that sonic doesnt die from those things anymore? he doesnt anymore. you're using the 90's version of sonic, which means that you arent using all the rules. i said they BOTH can go ALL out a it, which INCLUDES sonic. and the modern version of sonic is much stronger. why do you keep making sonic at his weak level? thats me saying "goku will never survive in a battle with sonic! he was struggling with his brother, and he is much weaker than sonic! therefore he loses!" im using the very beginning of goku, and he is SUPER weak. you are using the beginning sonic, which is not fair at all.

that whole reason on goku and the dragon balls thing.

1. do you really think sonic will just stand there and wait for goku to get the dragon balls, then wait for the HUGE, OBVIOUS, DRAGON to appear, THEN wait for goku to say his wish, THEN allow him to get the wish? you said yourself that sonic is faster than goku. sonic will just grab them all in a spit second and keep them. even if that goku DID get the dragon balls, do you really think sonic will just stand there and see goku (IN FRONT OF HIS VERY EYES) and not push him to the side and spindash right through his gut? EVEN IF THIS CRAZY THEORY DID HAPPEN:

2. have you forgotten the fact that sonic can beat anyone stronger than him?????? just look one post away and see for proof. goku can be INFINITELY faster,stronger, and better than sonic. it doesnt matter. so go on, wish for goku to be the strongest over sonic. he will still win. why cant you just admit defeat to just this ONE character? goku dominates all characters except this one. its just ONE character! and its not like hes weak! you just dont want him to be!

3. (alternate version) ok, goku finally gets the dragon balls and asks his wish to the dragon. the wish wont work. you and me BOTH know that the dragon cant give wishes of another creator,let ALONE of another UNIVERSE. there is NO WAY goku can wish the chaos emeralds away because it is out the dragon's limits. (and you can forget about that nonsense of "being sonic's creator and making him normal", which still wont work anyway, even if it was possible) and anyway, the chaos emeralds WERE taken, away, in a sense. they were in the hands of emerl, ALL of them, and sonic STILL won. this means he was in base mode and STILL won, against a powerful being better than him at every point. sonic doesnt NEED the emeralds to win. so even if your ridiculous idea does go right, it still wont matter. go ahead. all your points were what goku is stronger than sonic, which is not the problem with sonic. it is useless to keep arguing! just give up.

and nothing is stopping sonic from stopping time a putting goku into the sun. all this would happen in under 1 second, literally.

and im sorry for you if you think that a 2 week post is "old."

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@Iju: Hey how come you didn't reply to @Yusuke52??? Maybe because he just ended the thread??? please answer... and reply to him..

Also I never said Goku has to gather the Dragon Balls... After Yi Xing Long was defeated (in GT) Goku was FUSED with the 7 Dragon Balls... thus giving him the ability to grant wishes and the new owner of the Dragon (and that means the Dragon has more power since Goku is stronger than Dende or Piccolo or just any other Namekian).... that is why he is called "150+ year old Goku fused with the 7 Dragon Balls"... And nothing is stopping Goku from taking away Sonic's abilities with a single wish... but since GT was non canon I'm gonna use that since it would be a cheap win for Goku... (Cause I can use since your OP never said what version of Goku it is... and since you said he cannot use SSJ4 than that means this is GT Goku and you never said what version of GT Goku) So I'll just stick with Shadow Dragons saga Goku...

Oh and a DD is a Destructo Disk... and since you said it your self... Super Sonic is immune only to PHYSICAL damage... and last time I checked.. the DD is not physical, so it will still hurt him...

Also you didn't answer my question... Since Sonic can destroy earth (at base supposedly) and is already a planet buster... does that mean he can burst a planet 1000X bigger than our Sun???? since you said the size of a planet doesn't matter...

Also what's stopping Goku from using IT and take Sonic under water and let him drown??? or taking him to a planet where is only filled with water???

Well how come he doesn't use time stop to defeat a robot crab... or just every one in his universe?? (including Hyper Metal Sonic) well maybe because he needs the TIME STONES for that to work... (since you never gave him any in the first place)

Goku doesn't need crap like emeralds, time stone or artifacts to get stronger like you friend Sonic does.. he is all Natural...

I can accept defeat... and to make you feel better!!! I will... jaja cause honestly I could care less about this battle like you do... especially since Yuske52 ended the thread with an EPIC counter...

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@Iju: Your style of posting as well as the fact that you always seem to agree with 100rings (looks like poor minds think alike too) leads me to believe that you are one in the same or are just trolling together. Comparing real-life events to comic/manga character feats is idiocy.

DBZ_Universe I doubt will be giving you any praise, as you continue to shoot yourself in the foot and prove your stupidity. I will take but a few examples from your needlessly elaborate post to show you why your credibility has gone out the window:

"Why in the heck would sonic defeat dark gaia if it wasn't a threat to planet busting?"- because a threat to the world is not the same as planet-busting. By your logic Tobi from Naruto is a planet-buster.

"The sonic wikia also said"- another point against you, for reasons I have already given.

"Shadow had also said that he could destoy the earth, too"- saying you can do something does not equal actually doing it. You fail again.

Tell me, lju, you sad little fool, why would anyone bother extensively proving that the Living Tribunal could beat, say, Broly? Or Galactus beating Naruto? This is also a curbstomp. If you are the same guy, I already told you to piss off with your fanwanking. If you're actually a different guy, you're making it impossible for people to take you seriously. And if you're just trolling, just to let you know you're making it way too elaborate.

And I watched your little video, that was a laugh. Sonic being named "the fastest thing alive" is meaningless. The fastest thing in the sonicverse does not mean the fastest thing in any other verse. But by all means, keep giving me ridiculous points, it's really quite entertaining.

Post by DBZ_universe (15,949 posts) See mini bio Level 17


DBZ_Universe I doubt will be giving you any praise, as you continue to shoot yourself in the foot and prove your stupidity. I will take but a few examples from your needlessly elaborate post to show you why your credibility has gone out the window:

For me or for him???

Post by SpeedForceSpider (5,104 posts) See mini bio Level 15

@DBZ_universe: Obviously him.

Why is this pointless thread even still going? It was decided pages ago Goku wins.

Post by DBZ_universe (15,949 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@SpeedForceSpider: Well not according to lju.. I even said that it was old and it had to die... but he says it's only 2 weeks old that's why it's still must go on..

That's why I accepted defeat (even tho Goku win) so I can please his fanboy trolling butt and let this thread die... :D

Post by GIRUGAMESH (2,259 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@DBZ_universe: I meant him.

Let the stupid thread die.

Post by Iju (189 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@DBZ_universe: wow goku fused with DBs? kinda cool...i guess.

oh and about the DD, thanks your explanation. was confused there. XZ just out of curiousness ,how is the DD not a physical attack?

i never said sonic could only bust the earth, i said he was a PLANET buster. so yeah that includes 1000x....and i was in a hurry, i didnt really have enough time to reply to YOU, but as the other guy, he said he was just talking because nothing was on TV. i thought he didnt really want to argue with me, so i left him alone. i was about to ask him if he wanted my reply but then i had to leave to see fireworks, then blah, blah blah.

and what will stop goku from throwing sonic into the water? um, TIME FREEZE. there is NO way that goku can excape time freeze. an instant transmission wont do anything, because even though it IS an instant, an instant still falls into the timeline, and all sonic has to do is freeze goku before he knows it, then chaos control him to the sun. even BROLY couldnt survive that. literally, before goku knows it, he'll die. and still, your argument it still about goku being stronger. you think the fact of goku being stronger, goku will win. how many times do i have to tell you that THIS IS NOT THE CASE. you dont seem to understand.

emerl had ALL the sonic characters speed, including sonic's AND shadow's, the fastest 2 of the universe. not only THAT, emerl had even MORE speed, having all the speed from the REST of the sonic characters. THEN he had the chaos emeralds, giving him MORE speed. he was literally INFINITELY faster than sonic. then not only THAT, he had all ALL the sonic characters STRENGTH, including thus including sonic's AND shadow's, as well as the rest of the sonic characters. THEN he had ALL the chaos emeralds, which gave him and infinite energy supply as well as infinite power and strength. THEN he had the power of the EGG BLASTER. there was so much power on emerl's side, on every aspect sonic was nowhere near a powerful as emerl.

but sonic won. the chaos emeralds arent the source for sonic, HE is. if goku finds his way to do everything sonic cant, he'll still win. like i said, sonic can stay awake much longer than goku, and he doesnt need to eat. goku will tire out, and when sonic sees that chance, he'll use that chance to its extent. and, like i said, sonic has fought beings much stronger than goku. emerl, dark gaia, metal sonic, merlina...the list goes on. im trying to say that goku will be in big challange at the least, but he wont. i love DBZ and i really love goku, but sonic will handle him too easily. all he has to do is freeze time, and goku is gone. i cant find a way for goku to get out of this, so sonic wins by a landslide. like i said before, you underestimate sonic horribly. if the chaos emeralds, are taken away from him (which they cant be, though) he'll still win. if goku is a million over a million times stronger than sonic, sonic will still win. why wont you listen? and even if sonic needs "crap" like the chaos emeralds, i think i would lean towards than that than goku, the emeralds give an UNLIMITED amount of enrergy and power. which goku doesnt have. goku cannot defeat beings stronger than him or else he wouldnt have died from cell, so goku will definitively die from some one like sonic, who is much stronger than cell. and how many times has goku almost died from "running out of energy"? like the vegeta saga, and a little bit of the namek saga? (although i know the vegeta saga was called sayian saga )and goku needed help from beings stronger than him, like the buu saga and weakest of all, Raditz. sonic will win no matter what. you cant find any flaws in my posts about sonic. sorry!

@Yusuke52: do you want my reply or do you want to stay out of this? i have a lot to tell you. by the way, you can argue nicely with no rage, but you just need more understanding. i find you the most interesting to talk to, by the way.

@GIRUGAMESH: you have proven my point. you rage and dont give a shred of proof for the argument of the post! what is the use of you being here? once again, you tell me i have "fail logic" and tell me to break my back once again to show you proof when you havent given any. last time i check, you are insulting like there isnt a rule against it. i think i'll leave you alone. you havent even proven why goku will lose or win. from the way you are talking, you must think that once you enter the thread, all should bow down to you for your mind. like i said, you rage all day and just get steaming mad at people who want an honest argument. why dont you leave? that way you cant see if anyone is acting "so stupid." dont reply to me if you dont have proof or a theory on how goku will win or get out of time freeze. otherwise, what's the use of you being here? im afraid ill have to report you to a moderator, you arent applying to the rules. just go please. im not going to talk to you again, just ignore you, if you do not have any proof or ideas to contribute to the post battle. this is about goku and sonic, and i dont want this locked because of your raging. im afraid i just have to tell you what you are really doing. please dont get mad, just look at your previous posts and you will see that you havent supported any reason why sonic would lose/win, and same for goku. this is not a raging site, go somewhere else please, of you dont want to obey the rules. if i was trolling, it would have gotten locked long ago. do you have an anger problem or something? i will be glad to help you. but if you dont want to apply to the rules or the honest argument and just insult and rage all day, im afraid ill just ignore you. i dont want this to get locked. this about sonic and goku, not your raging, and its not an insult contest.

goodbye GIRUGAMESH......

(To the moderators: Please don't lock, I wont be talking to him again. We can continue the argument. If this is not possible, I would even like it if even dies out, but please don't lock!)

Post by GIRUGAMESH (2,259 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@Iju: Please don't be butthurt that your own thread has gone down in flames, it wasn't my fault. Don't respond to my posts, and I will happily avoid considering your 'contributions'. Keep making ridiculous threads by all means, so long as you avoid bringing fanboyism.

Oh and mods, you may as well lock it. Everyone other than lju and 100rings is of the opinion that Goku slaughters and that this is a mismatch. Leave it open if you want, but only if you're happy to run the risks of idiots necroing it in the future.

Post by eriel (4 posts) See mini bio Level 3

Regular Sonic dies, but Super Sonic wins.


1) sonic defeating someone much stronger than himself would be PIS like Spiderman beating Firelord

2) since when can sonic use chaos control without the esmeralds?

Post by GIRUGAMESH (2,259 posts) See mini bio Level 10
@eriel: You make valid points, but Super Sonic would die as well.  He has never shown the speed to dodge Goku's attacks, nor the durability to tank them, despite what fanboy posts on wikias may say. 
But of course, as you say, Sonic has no access to the emeralds in this fight, and so is slaughtered.
Post by eriel (4 posts) See mini bio Level 3

@GIRUGAMESH: Super Sonic can exist through 1/3 of time.

Post by GIRUGAMESH (2,259 posts) See mini bio Level 10
@eriel: ...your point being? And where on earth was that shown?
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