Goku vs. Queen Sheba

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Battle takes place in space
Neo Queen Serenity has given Goku the ability to survive and fight in space as he would on earth
Goku is SSJ3
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I have no idea what I just watch 
What is her speed, power, & smart feats?

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if queen does not have regen, then kienzan. 1,111th post lol
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enough with these gaming characters they dont matter in a debate, just stick wit the comics
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Speed is unknown
her Power went up to 1000 infinititons (i guess that would be infinite tons o.0) she punched jublelius the size of a large building with enough force that when that jublius hit a planet it destroyed it completely
feats: she punched the soul out of a Jublius the creator across the solar system into the sun (the travel time was about 1 minute )
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If a punch of Sheba's hits Goku he is done, but I dont see it happening. Goku is much faster, and has instant Transmission. I dont think there is any real evidence that she can survive a powerful Dragon Punch from Goku. Also in the video Jublious was already beaten pretty good by Bayonetta herself earlier, so it is pretty hard to judge her speed.
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Even tough Queen Sheba surpass Goku in  physical strength by much, she lacks the speed to land a hit on Goku so she loses badly.

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