Goku vs Bardock

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Don't get me wrong, Goku could still have beaten Nappa, but it would've been a long, drawn out fight without Kaioken to end it quickly. Nappa's PL should be 6000 at max. Goku' was 8000. Not a terribly huge difference. Add in Nappa's bulk and he's pretty dense so hurting him is an issue. Kaioken base increases the users PL and abilities by 50% (one-half of their current ability. So 1+1/2=1.5). Basically Goku went from 8k to 12k, which would be double Nappa's ability, which is why he dominated him so quickly. The multiplication factor for Kaioken is pretty basic. Kaiokenx2 is 2xPL, KKx3 is 3xPL, and so on and so forth all the way to 20xKaioken.
It's also why goku couldn't match Vegeta, even at KKx2, because that would bring Goku to 16k while Vegeta was still naturally 18k. KKx3 brings Goku to 24k, which beats Vegeta. The only problem is, Goku isn't used to using it at that level during Saiyan Saga, and prolong used greatly taxes the users body. As explained, there was always a chance that using the technique could kill Goku from forcing out more powerthan his body could normally generate.
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@ReiKai: True, I always liked Kaioken it was something Goku had to use in a dire situation because of its side effects rather than be abused like SSJ was. On topic, I feel for this match that it would be similar to as if Goku never used Kaioken on Nappa. A long and hard battle because their PL's are so close to one another and they both are skilled in combat.

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