Goku, Vegeta run a massive gauntlet

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- Location: Planet of the Kai's.

- No Planet Busting.

- 1 hour Prep for the enemy.

- No Morals.

- Bloodlusted.

- Goku and Vegeta are from the beginning of the Buu Saga.

- Goku and Vegeta can go SSJ2 (max).

- Team is fully rested after each Round


Round 1: The Spice Boys, The Ginyu Force, Cooler's Armored Squadron. (Can only be at base form)

Round 2: Turles, Lord Slug, Lord Chilling, Bardock SSJ, Garlic Jr (No Immortallity). (Can only be at base form)

Round 3: Frieza (100%), King Cold, Cooler (Final Form), Abo, Kado. (Can only be at base form)

Round 4: Meta-Cooler, Dr.Gero, Android 19, Android 14, Android 15. (Can only be at base form)

Round 5: Aka, Android 17, Android 18, Goten SSJ, Kid Trunks SSJ. (Can only go SSJ)

Round 6: Android 16, Bojack's Galaxy Soldiers, Super Android 13. (Can only go SSJ)

Round 7: Super Trunks, Piccolo (Buu Saga), West Supreme Kai, North Supreme Kai, Kibito Kai, Pikkon, Olibu. (Can only go SSJ)

Round 8: Super Perfect Cell, Dabura (No Spit), Teen Gohan SSJ2. (Can go SSJ2)

Round 9: South Supreme Kai, Grand Supreme Kai. (Can go SSJ2)

Round 10: Kid Buu. (Can go SSJ2)

Is the saiyan due able to clear this gauntlet or will they perish.

Post by DBZ_universe (15,949 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@niBBit: They Clear it with ease... or just Goku him self... He stated that in full power SSJ3 he could destroy Kid Buu instantly... you should had put Super Buu at the end instead of Kid Buu...

Post by niBBit (664 posts) See mini bio Level 11

@DBZ_universe: You should read a little better this is not Goku SSJ3 but Goku SSJ2, and how will Goku SSJ2 solo Dabura, Teen Gohan SSJ2, SPC?

Post by DBZ_universe (15,949 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@niBBit: I am sorry... I thought it said Vegeta can only go SSJ2 max (you should edit the OP)... But Yeah Goku at SSJ2 can solo SSJ2 Teen Gohan, Dabura, and SPC... Goku trained for 7 years non stop... I doubt Gohan is stronger than him. even at SSJ Goku beats SSJ2 teen Gohan.

Now since you said they can only go SSJ2 than they might make it to round nine... unless Goku use IT and then a destructo disk to the faces of the Kaioshins then they clear it.... in round ten they might lose... unless Genkidama.

Post by Dream (8,617 posts) See mini bio Level 21
Think they'll make it as far as Round 7 as the two would be overwhelmed by the numbers game of their equally strong foes. Kibito Kai being in this would raise the doom even more as he could inflict paralysis on the two SSJs if they are occupied and leave them to the mercy of the other fighters.
Post by ohgodwhy (1,593 posts) See mini bio Level 12

Are they working as a team or going at it one after the other? If they're working as a team I don't see how they couldn't make it up to at least round 9 where they could possibly lose to Grand Supreme Kai. They definitely won't be able to take Kid Buu unless they're allowed to fuse.

Post by Supreme Marvel (5,259 posts) See mini bio Level 12

I think round three could be difficult.

Post by niBBit (664 posts) See mini bio Level 11

@ohgodwhy: They work as a team, and no fusion is allowed.

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They coast through the first 2 rounds. Will struggle in Rounds 3 & 4 Not sure in their base form that they could overwhelm Meta-Cooler. But I am going to say there are due to their training. Coast through 5 & 6. 7 is where they will fall If Piccolo kept up with his training as I expect he should have no problem with Goku & Vegeta while they are SSJ1.
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@Sonata: Piccolo ofcourse would have been training for the last 7 years but not so intensly as someone like Vegeta and expeccially because it was peacefull times. I think that Piccolo's power could be around Perfect Cell's lvl at best maybe MAYBE Full Power Cell but that a big maybe. Goku SSJ was holding his own against Perfect Cell however, Goku then spend 7 years of intense training in Other World so if he did so well against Cell back then imagine how he would do now and if thats the case Piccolo could never hope to defeat Goku on his own. However Piccolo is not alone ofcourse :) Round 7 is full of people around the same lvl as him Kibito Kai probably the highest of them, but Goku is also not alone in this fight and like i said before Goku and Vegeta are working as a team.

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@Supreme Marvel: I agree.

Honestly I don't think they'd make it past round 3, their base forms alone wouldn't be enough to take down a full-power Freiza, Cooler and King Cold. I just don't see it happening.

If they were to make it past that round they definitely wouldn't be able to beat Kid Buu. Either way, this gauntlet will be too much for them.

Post by Sonata (35,847 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@niBBit: However the Piccolo you are listing is from the end of DBZ. Meaning he has 10 years more to train than Goku and Vegeta. Depending on how well he trained he should be able to close the gap a bit between himself and at least Vegeta.
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@GIRUGAMESH: Piccolo was beating the ever living crap out of Dr.Gero when they fought, altough Dr.Gero is not as strong as Frieza was but they would be pretty close seeing how much energy he absorbed from first Piccolo and then Vegeta's big bang attack that would have raised his power substantially. And all that was during the early stages of the android saga, Goku after that went 1 year of intense training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, then 7 years of more intensive training in Other World.

Piccolo when he fought Nappa was at an powerlvl of 3.500, when he died in the battle and traveled to King Kai to train it was less than year when he was wished on Namek, and then fused with Nail who had a powelvl of 42.000. Piccolo's powerlvl when he fought Frieza's second form was clocked at 1.000.000. What i'm trying to prove here with these powerlvl is...thats one heck of a boost in less than a year, ONE YEAR...image Goku 7 years+ brutal training. he would have more than enough to take care of Frieza even at base and he's not alone in this battle either.

Remember in the movie with Bojack, his henchman fought against Gohan when he was at base (not at first) and each of Bojack's henchman is stronger than Frieza and again that was during Cell Saga, this is Goku at the Buu saga 7 Years of Other World training.

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@Sonata: Ohw crap...i was meaning the put Piccolo Buu Saga....sorry :S

EDIT: I've edited the OP sorry for the mixup.

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@niBBit: Nice Piccolo is from Buu Saga now!! he should give Vegeta a good challenge...

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Get up to round 10 with a lot of difficulty along the way and lose to Kid Buu after a good match.

Post by Sonata (35,847 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@niBBit: LOL alright , yeah they get to round 10, but lose to Kid Buu.
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Goku and Vegeta could pass through 7 and maybe 8 and would likely stop at 9. The Grand Supreme Kai would be too much combined with other Kai.
Post by DBZ_universe (15,949 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@taichokage: Would Destruto disk work... if Goku uses it with IT? I believe that's the only way for them to pass round 9.

Post by niBBit (664 posts) See mini bio Level 11

@SpeedForceSpider: South Supreme Kai>Vegeta SSJ2. :) hehe. Nah lets not go there again it was fun right. What do you think about Round 8?

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