Goku SSJ4 vs The Flash (Wally West)

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@Asune: I never said Goku was FTL, you must've misread my post.  
@so_whelmed: It only happened once when Goku's kai blasts reached the Sun and he had to charge a lot of energy to do so, against Baby when he blasted him... Even by then there is no proof that Kai moves FTL. You must be confusing the kai blasts with the non canon movies such as Broly or Cooler.
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@TheRedRose: It took exactly 3 seconds for Goku to charge his attack. Feel free to youtube goku kills baby to double check. And Goku has already proven that he doesn't need to stand still while charging it. Instant Transmission Kamehameha, and His Speed blitz Kamehameha he performed on frieza. I'm not confusing anything. Light takes 8 1/2 minutes to travel from the sun to earth (thank you 4th grade science class)......it took about 30 seconds for gokus Ki blast to reach the sun. I just said that in the previous post. So yes...theres proof.

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This thread has gotten too many flagged responses and has devolved into a raging flame war.


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