Goku Kaio-ken vs ryu dark hadou

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Ryu's nickname in Marvel vs Capcom 3 streams is "The average guy", he can slightly part a waterfall with a hadouken.

Goku could blow up the Earth if he shot a Kamehameha down at it.

Not sure how much Ryu woud change with the Satsui no hado, but I don't think it'd be much use against Goku.

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Even as Evil Ryu, Street Fighter's popular martial artist would still be screwed against Goku. He is nowhere at the physical stats and destructive potential Goku could whip up while empowered by Kaio-ken.
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Ryu has no chance here. He is out classed in every phyiscal area by Goku.
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Too bad or Ryu but Goku for the win... even without kaio-ken its a stomp... Besides DB Goku would take Ryu and say quit hitting yourself, quit hitting yourself.

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What Kraden said^^^^^^ jajajaja to funny
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