Goku & Bills & Ryuuko Kiryūin & Ragyo Kiryūin battle

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Powers and Abilities

As a Kamui, when fed with blood, Senketsu has the ability to change into very revealing armor that grants Ryūko immense power. Initially the extent of power was limited and the blood drain was a constant problem due to Ryūko's embarrassment at her appearance, but after she comes to terms with it, they were able to use the Life Fiber Synchronization to achieve the full power of a Kamui while minimizing the blood drain. In addition, although very skimpy in appearance, Kamui are implied to "become the wearer's skin".

Most uniquely to the Kamui, Senketsu has the ability to absorb the Life Fibers of defeated Goku Uniforms, making him grow stronger. In addition, Senketsu possesses more than one Banshi.

Later, after witnessing Ira Gamagōri's Goku Uniform and its ability to undergo a secondary transformation, Senketsu was able to apply the idea to himself and gained the ability to change his configuration in the middle of battle to gain a better advantage. Known configurations are shown below.

Senketsu Senjin (鮮血閃刃 Senketsu Blade Flash)

Senketsu Shippu (鮮血疾風 Senketsu Gale)

Senjin Shippu (鮮血刃疾風 Senketsu Blade Gale)

Senketsu Kisaragi (鮮血更衣 Senketsu Fashion Week)

Ryuko's Current Powers and Abilities

  • Scissor Blade (片太刀鋏 Katatachi Basami) – Ryūko's signature weapon is one half of a giant pair of scissors, which she wields as a one-handed, single-edged longsword. The blade is capable of cutting Life Fibers, which are otherwise indestructible. Ryūko alternatively uses it as a makeshift tennis racket during her match against Omiko Hakodate. She obtains the second half of the Scissor Blade after snatching it from Nui Harime in Episode 22.
    • Decapitation Mode (武滾流猛怒 Buttagiru Mōdo) – While using Life Fibers Synchronize, Ryūko can mechanically extend her Scissor Blade into a two-handed sword. Not only is the blade's length doubled in this form, but its strength increases exponentially and is able to slice far beyond its normal range. This ability is frequently used in preparation for a Fiber Lost.
  • Natural Abilities:
    • Remarkable strength: Ryūko is able to take on multiple One-Star students by herself, without the need to wear Senketsu, as seen on episode 1. Also, it appears that she is becoming stronger as explained by Senketsu. Even while only having the scarf, she is still able to defeat numerous students with new goku uniforms and ones with pieces of Senketsu. This strength increases after she finds out she is a life fiber hybrid. Without Senketsu she is able to destroy multiple covers with one swing of her scissor blade.
    • Life Fibers infusion: Ryūko is revealed as Ragyō Kiryūin's second child whose body had been infused with Life Fibers, despite it being perceived as a failure by Ragyō then. It is likely that her incredible potential and her natural ability to synchronize with Life Fibers was a result of this. Ryūko has also demonstrated resilience and superhuman healing on par with Ragyō herself. An example of this is shown when her heart is pulled out her chest by Ragyō; the heart is simply drawn back into Ryūko's body automatically and the wound seals itself.

Clips will be added later on.

Ragyo's Current Powers and Abilities

  • Life Fibers Manipulation
    • Superhuman Physical Prowess - Ragyō's physiology has been enhanced with Life Fibers. Because of this, she has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and durability, enough to physically overpower two Kamui-wearing opponents, Ryūko and Satsuki with relative ease, even though both had substantially developed their Kamui and Life Fiber-based powers. She was also able to break Satsuki's blade, Bakuzan, a blade develop to sever Life Fibers with her bare fist.
    • Regeneration - Due to the power of Life Fibers dwelling inside of her body, Ragyō can regenerate any wound inflicted on her almost instantly, even being decapitated at the hands of her daughter Satsuki. The exception to this is if she is cut by either the Bakuzan or the Scissor Blades from two different directions.
    • Mental Refitting (精神仮縫い Seishin Karinui) - By sewing Life Fibers known as Marionette Threads into the brains of her victims, Ragyō can bend anyone to do her bidding. An exception to this power is Ryūko Matoi. She has been able to break free of Ragyō's control, possibly because of the Life Fibers implanted into her body.
    • Life Fiber Restoration - Ragyō was also capable of recreating Harime Nui's arms by sewing new Life Fibers into them. Although she noted they were not as good as her original ones.
    • Flight - Much like her daughters, Ragyō is capable of flying at high speeds, although she does not require the use of a Kamui to do so.
  • Life Fiber Swords - During the battle against her daughters, Ragyō wielded a pair of giant, sewing needle-like swords, which acording to her were made from ultra-hardened Life Fibers produced by the Original Life Fiber, that can sever Life Fibers and which served as the basis for the development of the Bakuzan and Scissor Blades. She also demonstrated the ability to alter their form, shaping them into a pair of spiked, tree branch-like blades.
  • Shinra-Kōketsu (神羅纐纈)
    • Life Fibers Domination (人衣君臨 Jin'i Kunrin) - Shinra-Koketsu is unique among Life Fibers clothing, being massive in size and resembling a traditional Japanese wedding dress, rather a modern form of clothing. Also unique to it, is that it requires a second sacrifice in order to use its full power. It is implied that as a Life Fiber garment, this outfit is on a completely different class from Kamui or Goku Uniform. In terms of power, the Koketsu is the most powerful Life-Fiber based clothing, far surpassing the power of other Kamui and Goku Uniform. Even when absorbed by an empowered Senketsu, its power was so massive that it caused the Kamui to start deteriorating from the stress of it.
      • Absolute Domination - Shinra-Koketsu's main ability, it allows Ragyō to dominate other Life Fiber based clothing such as Goku Uniforms and Kamuis, neutralizing their powers and transformations and leaving their users physically paralized. However both Ryūko and Senketsu are individually immune to this power due to their status as human/Life Fiber hybrids. This ability also acts as a trigger for the creation of the Celestial Cocoon Seed Planet by working as an activation signal to all the dormant Life Fibers present in the Revocs clothing. When active, this ability makes Ragyō immune to being harmed by Life Fiber-based weapons such as the combined Scissor Blades. However this ability appears to require a sacrifice, preferably a human one, to be used to its full potential, as seen when Ragyō was unable to neutralize Senketsu after having absorbed Nui, unlike when she managed to do the same after having absorbed Rei.
      • Enhanced Prowess - Using Shinra-Koketsu, Ragyō's various powers is are even more enhanced. Her endurance is nigh-endless, even without the Absolute Domination active, as she was unfazed from being cut into pieces by both her daughters wielding the Scissor Blades, an act that should be fatal for Life Fiber-based lifeforms. Her massive physical strength is also increased enough to break both of Satsuki's Bakuzan blades with just the grip of her hands and punch out Tsumugu and Mitsurugi's combined DTR mecha.
      • Shapeshifting - Like other Kamuis and high-level Goku Uniforms, Shinra-Koketsu can alter its form in various ways, both on an offensive and on a utility based level. It has a set of fragmented pieces on its back that resemble butterfly wings with the same eye pattern present on other Kamui, that Ragyō can alter into drill-like malleable blades. She could also alter the sleeves of Koketsu into the same kind of blades. Likewise after having absorbed Nui, she was able to alter the bottom part of her outfit into a set of detacheable space rockets in order to travel to the Revocs sattelite.
        • Second Form - By casting away the last remnants of her humanity, Ragyō draws even more power the Koketsu, and undergoes a transformation. In this form, the chest part of the outfit becomes more form-fitting like a corset, the hood of the dress dissaperars and Ragyō's hair is styled as a pair of horns, giving her a much more demonic appearence. In this form her power is even greater, enough to overwhelm Ryūko and Senketsu in their Fashion Week form.

Match takes place above the earth

Goku & Bills vs Ragyo & Ryuuko

Goku vs Ryuko

Bills vs Ragyo

Goku vs Ragyo

Bills vs Ryuko

battle takes place above the earth

battle theme Hero by flow

Post by Vapovile (2,283 posts) See mini bio Level 17

While Ryuko and Ragyo did get a huge power-up in that last episode, they still don't compare to DBZ characters in terms of piercing power or DC. The only reason why Ryuko wasn't completely owning Ragyo was because of that anti-life fiber field that she was using. Perhaps their speeds could be comparable, as Ryuko and Ragyo did reach space in only a few seconds.

That said, I am pretty sure Ryuko could now give say, Freiza a run for his money, and perhaps Cell :D.

Post by hitsusatsu11 (10,747 posts) See mini bio Level 20

No one in KLK can match even Nappa in anything.

Getting up to space in a few seconds is a feat duplicated by Bardock and even Kid Goku using Nyiobo. Other than that ssj Ryouko/Ragyo have unknown D.C., rrly theres no proof of anything over city level. Certainly no where near planetbusting, otherwise Ragyo would have blown up the earth under her own volition the second it was covered in life fibers, thus accomplishing her goal. They have global scale only in terms of interacting with life fibers all ready in place around the world.

Post by LHWKnight (2,885 posts) See mini bio Level 12


Actually I don't think they really traversed the universe, I think they did that to show what Ragyo was hoping to accomplish.

Post by Vapovile (2,283 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@LHWKnight: Oh no, I am referring to when Ryuko went from Earth to space in a few seconds after absorbing everyone's life fibers. If they did travel the universe, that would make them have Sailor Moon level speed XD.

Post by LHWKnight (2,885 posts) See mini bio Level 12

@Vapovile: Oh I see.

Post by OfficialRikudouSennin (704 posts) See mini bio Level 12

Bills is a god with longevity and is highly OP in this match whats your view?

Post by GeneralVan (2,853 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Online Now
Raditz would solo KLK.
Post by Dream (8,871 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@OfficialRikudouSennin: No matter how you argue it, Ragyo and Ryuko would be easily slaughtered. The incredible boost for their attributes in the final episode came from their ability to absorb other Life Fibers. Even in their powered forms, they are nowhere even close to Goku and Bills' levels per Battle of Gods. Even Saiyan saga level characters could still mop the floor with them. Beyond their greater speed, the two didn't have much to show for destructive feats at their levels and anything they could do greatly depends on the amount of Life Fibers they have as Ragyo and Ryuko's power boosts required a great deal of prep to gain with the number of years it took Ragyo to have most of the human populace buy her Life Fiber coated clothes and Ryuko fighting the Goku Uniform-donning students at the academy. You could have a case for the two being capable of giving Dragonball-level characters fits. But they're screwed against any decently-powerful DBZ character.

Post by Dream (8,871 posts) See mini bio Level 21

Guess I let Friday night get the better of me to goof off a little since I had a busy work week. XD

I don't really see any fair way you could make this match for the Kill la Kill team as Bills' involvement guarantees the KLK team getting squashed easily, even if you lowered Goku's stats significantly to a point where he'd either be an equal match for them or to intentionally get him slaughtered. I'm locking this up.

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