Goku and Vegeta vs. The Sentry (Current)

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Why are all your post a joke? I told you I was going to hunt you down and counter everything you posted.

To Platinum 94

That's pretty much harassment. I'm giving you a warning.

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If we can stop trying to gut each other that would be nice.

Seriously though it really does make sense for Goku to be solar system buster. At Raditz's time, Goku's power level was only 334 as read by his scouter. We know that Nail's power level is over 20,000. Nail alone is over 60 times as powerful as Goku, who at that time is already much stronger than Master Roshi who is a moon buster at full power. Nail is conservatively 100x Master Roshi.

Now, 3rd form Frieza states that his power level is 1 million. Considering the intimate familiarity of Frieza with power levels, as well as the ease with which he put down Piccolo (nail absorbed), we have no reason to doubt his claim. Frieza 3rd form is something like 5000 times moon buster. Frieza 3rd form < Frieza final form 1%. Since no more actual numbers are stated about the power levels, we conservatively estimate Frieza final form to be only 20% stronger than Frieza 3rd form. If you are familiar with DBZ you would see that this is a highly conservative estimate and 1% Frieza is likely a lot stronger, but we use this estimate so that we can, in the end, come up with a irrefutable number.

Anyway, that puts 1% Frieza at 6000x moon buster. So full power Frieza is an astounding 600,000 times moon buster. SSJ1 Goku (untrained) is superior to Frieza. Let's say he's only 10% stronger, to be conservative. 660,000x moon buster.

On to Future Trunks saga. We know for sure that Future Trunks is massively stronger than both Mech Frieza and King Cold. We don't actually know how strong those guys are, so to be conservative we say that they're equal to 100% Frieza. When Goku shows up, he is so fast and powerful that he can casually block Future Trunk's sword attacks with one finger. We can conservatively estimate his power at this time to be double that of Frieza. There's no concrete evidence to suggest this but again if you are familiar with DBZ you really can't argue that he's less than double Frieza's power.

So now we're at 1.3 million times moon buster.

Then we have Android Saga. No concrete numbers, so let's just say that Goku didn't get stronger at all. Vegeta at this time is equal to Goku, having gained SSJ. Because we really don't have any reasonable feats to base powers off of, we say we're still at 1.3 million moon buster. No change.

Fast forward to Hyperbolic Time Chamber. When Vegeta comes out, he states that he can solo Cell. Goku states that Vegeta would have to have tripled his previous strength to even stand a chance against Cell, to which Vegeta actually laughs. From feats, such as Semi-Perfect cell literally allowing Android 16 to punch him and doesn't even blink, we can see that Semi Perfect Cell is at least double as strong as Imperfect Cell, who is stronger than Super Namek Piccolo, who is so much stronger than untrained SSJ Vegeta that Vegeta actually got the SSJ scared out of him (literally). So we can conservatively estimate that, yes, Cell is at least 3x as strong as untrained SSJ Vegeta.

What happens next? Vegeta literally allows Cell to hit him with all he's got and just shrugs it off. So he's gotta be at least 30% stronger than Cell (hyper-conservative estimate). So ASSJ Vegeta is now at LEAST 4 million times moon buster.

Goku FPSSJ on the other hand, is even stronger than ASSJ Vegeta. In fact, he's so strong that at 50% he's already stronger than full power ASSJ Vegeta (that number is actually stated). To use super-conservative estimates, we assume that his 50% strength is only EQUAL to ASSJ Vegeta. So FPSSJ Goku (100%) would be 8 million times moon buster.

In turn, FPSSJ Goku is inferior to Perfect Cell (suppressed). However, even when Cell powers up to his full, his strongest punch barely affects SSJ2 Gohan. It's extremely conservative to say that SSJ2 Gohan is double the strength of FPSSJ Goku, especially considering that Gohan was so strong that he assumed Goku must have been holding back to be so weak, even before turning SSJ2.

That's 16 million times moon buster now. The sun is only 27 million times the mass of the moon by the way. So we're already almost there, and these estimates are probably the most conservative anyone has ever seen for DBZ. No DBZ powerscaler would ever use multipliers this laughably low, yet we're already almost at solar system busting level.

Now throw in the SSJG Goku >>>>>>>>>>>> Ultimate Gohan > SSJ3 Gotenks >>> SSJ3 Goku >> SSJ2 Gohan and it's pretty darn obvious that SSJG Goku solar system busts as easily as Mr. Satan breaks a normal human's arm.

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IMO statements can be as good as feats as long as they are not so out there also most of the Sentrys best "feats" are based on statements

you can't judge characters only on feats because different all author potray strenght in a different ways so they shouldn't be judge by the same standards

i just find funny how people don't acknowledge how strong DBZ characters became just because they don't have the feats i mean guys like Nappa and Raditz would be bitch slappng everyone in marvel that isn't a top tier they would pown people like she-hulk, ms marvel, iron man, the thing, samson, hell i can see nappa beating namor after a long hard fight, then we have guys like frieza who destroyed a planet full of nappas and raditz in his weakest form and tank a planet explosion while cut in half, without energy beaten to death and KO by the end of buu saga Frieza became such a joke to goku that he thinks that he would be good training for his 12 year old son LMAO, hell cell can crap out a minimes of himself that would bitch slap frieza and then we see characters in Buu saga where they are so strong that theire power can be sense acoss dimensions, theire screams can open dimesion holes and can learn insane stuff that violates the laws of time and space by just looking at the technique then we have the Gods (Bills, Godku and whiss) that can beat the last guys by love tapping them but all of this doesn't matter because "lol they have no feats"

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@takashichea: And this is why you wouldn't see me being mod material.

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I understand. It's hard for me to pick sides. I know that Platinum 94 was making a big argument and insulted everyone here. I know you didn't want exchange insults with him, but he pushed you over board.

I did banned Platinum 94 once. I will do it again if he insults again.

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