Goku and Piccolo (end of Dragonball) vs Chaoutzu (late Saiyan)

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Goku and Piccolo at the end of Dragonball vs Chaoutzu at the level he was when the Saiyans arrive in a remote location. Who wins?

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someone doesnt like chaoutzu....neither do i :P

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@SSJjanemba: Can't say I'm his biggest fan haha but post training at the lookout I'd probably place his PL at 700-1,000, stronger than either Goku or Piccolo individually at the end of DB. I think during the Raditz fight they both maxed out at roundabout 500 if I'm not mistaken and they had maintained their training since the end of DB with even Roshi remarking on Goku's increased strength. They would then presumably have been considerably weaker when Dragonball ended. Chaoutzu has a chance here.

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Goku and Piccolo should be able to take this one without too much difficulty.

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Chiatzu actually likely takes this. In the zenshi his level in the Saiyan saga is 610. Both Goku and Piccolo were only in the low 300s at the start of z, meaning they were weaker at the end of DB. Even if the team were to win, it would be with high difficulty.
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Stalemate... Chiatzu grabs both of them then blows up... lol

But I do think that the pokemon can win here... but with difficulty like Taichkage stated.

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According to the Daizenshuu magazine, Chouzou by Saiyan Saga had a PL of 610. He's not even half Raditz. Worse than that, Chouzou has no major feats to speak of. What Piccolo did in the 23rd Budokai is vastly more impressive than anything Chouzou has ever done.
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