Gohan and Cell vs Vegeta

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@axavierhansz: Or it's possible that Majin Vegeta in his SSJ form was equivalent to Vegeta in his normal SSJ2 form. Then when he powered up to fight Vegeta he became SSJ2 Majin Vegeta, which let him match up to Goku's power level.

But it seems that the key difference between us is the gap between Goku and Vegeta. I believe that Goku was far beyond Vegeta, which is why Vegeta needed the added bonus to even match up to Goku whereas you seem to think that there was less of a gap between the two and the Majin transformation doesn't grant a significant power boost?

Either way lets leave this debate here, I see that I can't convince you and you haven't really convinced me either. Let whoever can be bothered to read our debate come up with their own conclusion as to how much of a power boost the Majin transformation gave to Vegeta.

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@solesamurai: I didn't specify the characters to be IC in the OP tho...

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Regular SSJ2 Vegeta would get his ass kicked. Majin Vegeta however should win with little difficulty.

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Damn this was a very very good battle.

It's also very very tough..

I' wanna say Gohan & Cell take round one only because of the 1 against 2, but even so it might not be enough.

During Gohan's fight with Daburai both Vegeta and Goku were confident that they could beat Daburai, and that if he was around during the cell games he would have been a problem. This is however before Majin upgrade that Vegeta got. Also if I remember correctly didn't Pikon or Goku go hell and straight up own Cell? I think Goku beat up Cell out of Super Saiyan form. Now I know Vegeta isn't at Goku's lvl exactly, but I think it's not too much of a long shot to if a non SS Goku (not sure exactly) could beat cell. Then Vegeta in SS2 Should defintely be able to do it. The only reason I say maybe not is possibly because of his personality., but I am GIVING

Round 2 to Majin Vegeta.

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@SpeedForceSpider said:

@solesamurai: I didn't specify the characters to be IC in the OP tho...

I didn't say you did, I said Bloodlusted.

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@ohgodwhy: If Majin vegeta ssj = non majin vegeta ssj2


goku ssj = ssj2 vegeta since majin vegeta = goku

during cell games vegeta is probably half of goku's strength, if not more (going by what vegeta sensed from goku powering up at korin's place, vegeta believed that he had surpassed goku. goku stated that the power-up was only 50%.)

assuming during cell games vegeta is roughly half of goku's strength


cell games vegeta > vegeta with 7 more years of training

look man i respect your opinion but what you're saying is bs. vegeta is one of the hardest training characters in the series. how can vegeta LOSE POWER after 7 years of intense training?

i realize i shouldn't beat a dead horse but i feel that your last post was just too illogical for me to not attack. unless you're trolling, in which case you've succeeded.

i mean, yes it is possible that vegeta got weaker after 7 years of intense training. i'm not the author, i dont know. like u said, its up to the readers to decide what to believe.

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