Gohan and Cell vs Vegeta

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@Supreme Marvel: Vegeta at his Majin form is stronger than his SSJ2. He would indeed beat Cell and Gohan with no problem. also what's stopping Vegeta from planet busting from the start?

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@DBZ_universe: I didn't say Vegeta would lose.

My comment was about his personality change into 'bloodlust' being a moo point since there wasn't much of a change anyway.

I think he can be influence by Cell though. If Cell made the proposition to Vegeta about absorbing Gohan, then Vegeta would get a fair fight. That saiyan pride to battle the strongest may give in and that's a BIG may. Since he actually likes Gohan.

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@DBZ_universe said:

@Supreme Marvel:What's stopping Vegeta from planet busting from the start?

Also, he would lose if he did that since Cell can survive in space and has Instant transmission to teleport anywhere.

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@Supreme Marvel: Well, am sure Gohan wont let him self get absorbed.

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@DBZ_universe: Could ask Vegeta for help. That's IF he would let that happen to Gohan.

His love for an epic battle versus a possible friend's demise?

Cell could just point out, if he beats him at that level then he could just wish Gohan back.

Cell does have Piccolo's cells also. :D

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@Supreme Marvel: All that is true... lol

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Vegeta at SSJ2 was still weaker than Teen Gohan at SSJ2, I believe. There was a scan of Majin Vegeta stating that Goku SSJ2 had surpassed SSJ2 Teen Gohan and then when they fought Majin Vegeta seemed to be still slightly weaker than SSJ2 Goku, equal at best.

So as for this battle I'd say Gohan could take Vegeta SSJ2 on his own or at least equal him.

However we've seen how much of a difference even a small PL advantage can give so I think Majin Vegeta would be able to take on both Cell and Gohan, unless they end up somehow engaging in a ki battle or something and Vegeta gets overpowered or he he gets too cocky and lets Cell outsmart him.

Cell only needs to be partially alive and then he'll receive a massive power boost and could easily be more powerful than even Majin Vegeta.

So unless Cell and Gohan outsmart Majin Vegeta, Majin Vegeta should get the win.

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@ohgodwhy: I still think Vegeta has an inferior SSJ2 from Goku's in general. Not to mention Goku was damn near holding his own against Kid Buu in SSj2, while Vegeta was getting raped by Fat Buu and Kid Buu.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Yeah that's what I'm thinking too. As well as when I mentioned that Goku SSJ2 was said by Vegeta to have surpassed SSJ2 Gohan whereas Vegeta could only achieve the same through the Majin transformation. I think Vegeta's SSJ2 < Gohan's Teen SSJ2 < Goku's SSJ2 = Majin Vegeta.

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@ohgodwhy: For me I have: Goku SSJ2 >= Majin Vegeta > Vegeta SSJ2 >= SPC >= Kid Gohan SSJ2. I feel Goku's SSJ2 was a bit further than Majin Vegeta who got owned by Fat Buu and as regular SSJ2 got beat down by Kid Buu. Whereas Goku SSJ2 damn near stalemated Kid Buu. I know we agree on regular SSJ2 Vegeta is pretty weak because He "cheated" to obtain the form. But Goku trained in it and even went the next level in other world. I actually think Goku held back quite a bit against Majin Vegeta. As he is an overall better fighter and way more versatile.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Yeah I too would say Goku SSJ2 was slightly better than Majin Vegeta, as I stated in my first post. I'm still sticking with Teen SSJ2 Gohan being stronger than SSJ2 Veget just purely because of that scan where Majin Vegeta stated that Goku SSJ2 had finally surpassed Teen Gohan SSJ2.

This therefore tells us that Gohan Teen SSJ2 must've been superior to Vegeta SSJ2 who could only match Goku SSJ2 in his majin form.

As for SPC Cell being stronger than Teen Gohan SSJ2, I disagree with that too. I think SSJ2 Gohan was still stronger but obviously he took massive damage when he took that hit for Vegeta and he could only use one arm for his Kamehameha. Plus in the end, despite all the distractions it was Gohan who eventually overpowered Cell on his own, Goku only helped pump him up mentally I think.

So for me I suppose it would be SSJ2 Goku >= Majin Vegeta > Teen Gohan SSJ2 > SPC Cell => SSJ 2 Vegeta.

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Fat buu = ssj 2.6 level I think majin vegeta ssj2 = kid gohan ssj2 ( implied by krillin? i forgot who ) so with cell they should win at medium difficulty

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@ohgodwhy: I disagree with you on that dude. They made it clear SPC was superior. Gohan unleashed PIS on his ass. Even before losing half his power, if he was truly stronger he could have simply deflected the blast or it wouldn't have hurt him that badly. Think about it, PIS came to play with Gohan's "Hidden Anger" coming out like that. So as I stated before, I feel SPC >= Kid Gohan SSJ2. As for Vegeta SSJ2 he took a lot of punishment from Kid Buu, any Cell saga level character would have gotten one-shotted by Kid Buu. Not to mention he trained hard those 7 years, so his level should have increased past Gohan's when he achieves SSJ2 because of a higher base power.

We can agree to disagree if you feel the same way.

@eddz99: Kid Gohan SSJ2 is beneath Majin Vegeta. You've seen DBZ correct? Or read the manga?

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@SpeedForceSpider: I don't see how it could be PIS if the creator did it that way. He knowns how much power they both have. It's not like another writer assuming their power. My feeling on that was Gohan, fully powered would have handled SPC. Gohan had reserves to help, when Vegeta distracted him enough, Gohan used all that reserve.

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@Supreme Marvel: If he had the reserve what's the point of all the characters(save Goku) saying he lost too much power and lacked the strength? PIS isn't the writer assuming anything that would make it WIS. Actually I hear AT was famous for forgetting a lot of important details and information so it might be WIS.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Well it's the 'world will end moment'. You see it so many times in films etc. The character find something or risk something to save everyone. It was also a character building moment for Vegeta too.

You are right there with the WIS/PIS.

PIS for me is Goku not teaching Gohan and the other Instant Transmission. :P

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@Supreme Marvel: Well that is true I suppose. Or Goku not using Super Kaioken against Cell. And why does the moon keep coming back.

And remember only two people were allowed in the Room of Spirit and Time, yet in the buu saga, Gotenks, Piccolo, and Buu are in the room, making three people, and when they first entered, Trunks and Goten weren't fused, making it four people. That was a big mistake people overlook. The list goes on but DBZ is still awesome XD

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@SpeedForceSpider: Actually when he fought buu someone implied that they were kinda equal though if not near - levels

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@SpeedForceSpider: The Moon returned when Roshi destroyed it thanks to Kami (as long as Goku cut off his tail). When Piccolo destroyed it, if it appeared I guess he could have done it again.

I know. The RST, a lot of time could have been speared if everyone went in and trained in separate areas. If Goku could sense Cell's energy while inside. Then he could use Instant Transmission to get out. SO, he could have stayed in there for days and days until their food ran out and then boom, IT and be out.

Also, I never get your messages via PM. I usually do with almost everyone else.

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@SpeedForceSpider: I have to disagree on this aswell. SPC was clearly struggling to overpower Gohan. Sure Cell was distracted but you also have to factor in that Gohan took a hit from Cell witch crippeld his arm. Gohan during the power struggle with Cell was doubting himself witch also impacts performance similair if you where to try to run a marathon and half way you start doubting youself if you could run for 5 extra minutes, then somebody lifts you spirit up and to you're suprised you can run for another 10 min. Gohan during the struggle was already giving up and was putting himself down to witch Goku a bit frustrated says *i don't know what got into you that you think that there is something wrong with you because there is noting wrong with you* something in that fasion. In a fight if you convice youself that you stand no chance and that your weak than that affects performance greatly.

If you watch the power stuggle between them you see that Gohan has those moments of outbursts when he tries to overpower Cell and Cell clearly at times was struggling to gain the upper hand on Gohan. In the end when Gohan unleashed his full power, you saw that the Kamehameha Wave was alot bigger than those small burst that he did before so Gohan like Goku said had alot more to give than Gohan thought, mind you that Gohan's arm was messed up witch should have decreased his power, was doubting himself and he still was able to stand up against Cell and eventually win.

Well lets go to the battle otherwise i believe this will end up us discussing SPC vs Gohan for 10+ pages:) When Vegeta got a power boost from Babidi and becoming Majin Vegeta, only then was it mentioned that both he and Goku surpassed Gohan in power, how much we don't know, could be a little or could be massive. Vegeta as regular SSJ2 at BEST could possible match Gohan SSJ2 and thats a big if, so Vegeta would have his hands full with Gohan alone nevermind SPC backing Gohan up so Round 1 goes to the team. Round 2 goes to Majin Vegeta as Majin Vegeta is stronger than Gohan was and during those years of training picked up some new tricks as Goku replied during their match, so aside from being stronger he's got new moves to suprise the team + only a small difference in power could spell doom for the team witch Majin Vegeta has plety off.

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