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@DemonEyesKyo said:
" Hades wins in an ungodly f@cking Olympian stomp!
Hao=Star System buster at best.
Proxy = Street level fighter. You have to be smart to conquer the world, not strong.
Father= city-to-country level. Planetay maybe, no more.
Hades takes them out with a single move.Neither of the above has even a chance to react(no FTL feats). Hades curbed the Gold Saints with ease and then proceeded to solo the 5 God Saints with Athena. He had almost won.
@cfatalis: Shun still has cosmo. He didn't get all his powers from Hades, at all. "
Father's best  feat was destroying a few buildings and he got owned literally by a human with H2H combat. There are plenty from the HST who would easily defeat him. Anyway, Hades ftw.
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1)Hades or Proxy,the first was stomping and blitzing the God Cloth clad Saints,and to beat him was needed to the 5 saints combine their cosmos with the goddess Athena,and Proxy is a cosmic scale reality warper at least for what I heard,cause I didn't saw that one. 
2)Either Hao with SoF or Shun with Nebula Storm,mostly Shun if this counts him with God Cloth too. 
3)All are squishy without his abilities,I don't think anyone stands on this. 
4)Father he have in incredible knoledge of Alchemy and almost took over the world with his gambit. 
5)Shun Hades takes this based on SS character speeds.
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hao is omnipotent. the only reason yoh and the others were able to fight him was because they had a little bit of the gs's power as well
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@Haofan123: You do know that omnipotents cannot ever be beat, do you?
Your statement is contradictory.
Yep and causing supernova isn't really counts as omnipotence...
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They didnt beat him
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@hiei_hyabusha: I still don't get on what he bases Hao's omnipotence.
Can you show me a scan reinforcing that claim?
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@hiei_hyabusha:LoL, you do know that it sonds awfully like the Truth in FMA, do you?
The Truth knows everything of the humanity and beyond. Yet I wouldn't call it omnipotence or even omniscience at all. Nigh-omniscience maybe. The Truth was surprised by Ed's final decision for example and genuinely looked curious. That undermines it being omniscient. Similarly Hao forgot why he really started his quest and was blinded by his hatred of humans till the end. That and Yoh friendship talking him to the side of good undermines his possibility of complete omnipotence too. For one he didn't seem to know a thing about future. What kind of omniscience is that? 

Hao at least has better feats and said to have the power of Sun. He's a threat across the entire solar system but nothing more. Being far stronger than anyone in your verse doesn't make anyone omnipotent. Just damn strong.
Like it or not, Hao is bellow even Gold Saint level if we don't count his soul hax. He doesn't have FTL feats, neither insane durability. Hades manhandled the Gold Saints and proceeded soloing the 5 God Saints with Athena. He's a god of death and the ruler of the 3 dimensions of the Underworld with size maybe even greater than our universe. He can casually kill any mortal he chose, unless they have power at least comparable to his. Even a Spectre blessed by his blood can tank attacks equaling a concentrated Big Bang. Hades and the Olympians also defeated the Titans and shown to be fair above them. When he finally got defeated Hades' energies destroyed the 3 dimensions I mentioned above. That sets him at Universal level in power. Hades is massively powerful but I'm not stupid to call him omnipotent. He's still the best of the bunch though.
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@DemonEyesKyo: proof of Hao not being Omniscience nor Omnipotent
His Mom
Also Mistakes
Only Zeus goes against the Titan it's said that most other gods ran away
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Hao is still human you know. He still has human feelings. he is truly all powerful. The only reason people could even stand up to him was because they had the power of god as well
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@Haofan123: You know it doesn't make sense, do you?
If he's omnipotent then he must act like that. An omnipotent can literally know, do everything with utter ease. It's the damn description of the term!
You cannot prove someone's omnipotence, only disprove. Hao is far from omnipotent. He's above the rest in his verse? Yes. Nothing else.
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Sorry but i have to agree with DemonEyesKyo.
So if Hao is that powerfull, do you think that Hao can defeat these 3 at the same time?
Father = immortal, regeneration, can create a sun like hao did, can use soul suck, high level alchemy with no rules, power canceling, City Buster
Proxy = ilusions that can make itachi cry (LOL), reality warper, teleport, supersonic speed, super strength, Planet Buster (Proxy has created the planet, so he can destroy it)
Hades = FTL, can use soul suck, teleport, immortal, can tank powerfull attacks, Planet Buster
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He is still a Human. He just has something thats basically the almighty god as his complete control

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