Gluttony vs Matter Eater Lad vs Wapol

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They have to eat each other until there is no remaining enemy and Matter eater lad is allowed to use the legion flight ring for fairness, they will fight within an underground catacomb. 
  1. Wapol has eaten three baked cannons and one grilled house plus a flamethrower salad
  2. Matter eater lad could fly, has a raygun
  3. Gluttony has 12 lives approx and could use either the unsealed gate or the Movie form

 Him ?
 Him ?

 The Homunculus
 The Homunculus

 Hippo Man
 Hippo Man

Hosted by your neighborhood villain, Nerx XD

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So this is in other words an eating contest with people's lives as the main course? XD
In that case, Glutonny curbstomps thanks to his unsealed Gate of Truth. His big mouth becomes a walking black hole in this sort of scenario.
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Glutonny would probably win this one since he can use his form from the movie.
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oh yea and 

Winning Conditions

  • Eat the two other enemies once
  • Gluttony's lives only stands against injuries in this match , not being eaten
  • Catacombs are not that big
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
gluttony, he has a black hole in his stomach, what more could you expect
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