Gin Runs Nonmajor anime series gaunlet

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Gin Ichimaru
Gin Ichimaru

Rules: Sever limbs, internal organs,bones, and other life threatening wounds will heal before each round. He has no knowledge of the enemy's techniques. His energy and fighting spirit returns each round. Win by kill.

1. Saber

2. Shana

3. Yuji Sakai ( Snake at thhe festival)

4. Temokko Ikko

5. Sebastian the butler

6. Yo Asakura

7. Sydannay

8. Sabrac

9. Suzakou in the Lancelot Albion

10. Gilgamesh

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he won't pass avalon

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Loses to the first one.

And i find it funny how it says "nonmajor anime" yet more than half of the stuff on the list shits on Bleach.

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Beats Saber and Gilgamesh
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