Gin Ichimaru Vs Barragan

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Both are serious

Prep Time

Setting Hueco Mundo

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Good question! But I would say gin with some difficulty.

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If Gin's blade could extend as fast as he said, then it would be quick enough to hit Barragan with his bankai and win.

Since he was lying, however, he has no attack fast enough or strong enough to land a hit on Barragan, and so he loses.

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It is still insanely fast. He didnt lie that it could extend whole kilometers in fractions of a second, but not to the extent he said. But all the same, if Baraggan were bloodlusted he would take this. In character he'd use his respira predominantly, when his dilation is actually the better ability. He could slow time to make Gin's bankai slow to him and kill him at his convenience. But again, in character Baraggan would shoot for the respira and I don't think he could age Gin's bankai quite fast enough.
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mmm Good battle.

It could go either way IMO. But I see Barragan having more chance to win

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Baraggan with mid difficulty. Bankai Ichigo was able to react to the extension of the blade after seeing it a few times (both when Gin was using his Bankai techniques - Buto and Buto Renjin) and when he put on the mask, he was even able to dodge Buto Renjin. Baraggan casually speedblitzing Soifon to the point that she had no idea where he came from tells me that he'll react to KnY.

KnY will never touch him due to time dilation field + aging via physical contact. Constantly spamming Respira also means that once the blade approaches Baraggan, it's gone. Gin's Zanpakuto gets aged away and he'll no longer have a weapon to fight Baraggan.

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With both serious I can see Barragan winning with mid difficulty.
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Both of em are awesome so there for they win.

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