Gilgamesh (Fate Zero) vs Hidan

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@Fehafare: I wouldn't consider chakra to be of a similar vain as magic. Even the OBD's wiki classifies magic to be of a different type of power to be employed while chakra is of similar vain as anything like ki, chi or reiatsu.

As for the OBD's calcs, I can agree with Naruto high/top tiers being double-digit Mach speed at least. But anything more is stretching things.

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@Dream: I'm pretty sure the OBD does go with Prana = Chakra at least if i look at some of the recent threads there.

Because as it happens in the Nasuverse pretty much anything supernatural is Magic. Psychic powers, Church miracles, eye powers, nature spirits, anything.

Though really that's besides the point for this thread.

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@Kobra678: Late reply but I'm not new in any way maybe in post count but on CV I have over 1000 posts if it matters.

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@Thitiki: doesn't really. I just got a laugh out of it.

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@Kobra678 said:

@Thitiki said:

@Stezzy: Watch the language newboy, anyway Gilgamesh spams ftw.

XD no offence, but I find it funny that you called him "newboy" when you just joined not too long ago lol.

lol this

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