General Zod(DC Comics)VS Majin Buu(Dragonball Z)

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Evil flying powerhouse battle! General Zod from DC Comics(pre-nu52, but post crisis)battles it out against Majin Buu from Dragonball Z! There are four rounds, with all four taking place in the sky, for obvious reasons. In all four, prep for both Zod and Buu and bloodlust is on, with the fight being to the death. Here are the four rounds...

Round 1: General Zod VS Majin Buu

Round 2: General Zod VS Fat Buu

Round 3: General Zod VS Super Buu

Round 4: General Zod VS Kid Buu

Who wins Round 1? Who wins Round 2? Who wins Round 3? And finally, who wins Round 4?

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I heard Zod under Byrne was much stronger than Superman

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Is that another way to say you think Zod would clear it in all four rounds?

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Sorry OP, Zod is much more powerful than DBZ characters.

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