Garurumon VS Carnage

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Garurumon from Digimon Adventure takes on Cletus Kasady AKA Carnage from Marvel Comics! Fight takes place in front of a wrestling stadium, and though both are powerful fighters, here is the thing. Garurumon's arsenal of attacks includes fox fire and wolf cry, among others, both of which have a weakness of Carnage's due to the symbiote's aversion to them. Fire and loud noise, respectively. On the other hand, Carnage can do a whole hell of a lot with that symbiote, right down to the projectile throwing shit, and both combatants are powerful with a lot of vastly potent attacks and great strength, speed, durability, stamina, etc to begin with. So I felt this would be an interesting match. Bloodlust is on and it's to the death, with both a fair distance away from each other to start it off. Who wins? The heroic, four-legged, blue and white one or the villainous, two-legged, red one?

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before you say: wtf is this idiot doing here on my threads again? let me tell you this

having said that, this is a good thread, and that despite carnage being at a disadvantage he wins.

why? mainly because his agility is almost on par with that of spidey, add to that the ability to drain blood and we get one deadly bastard. his web should do the job in restraining the wolf.

carnage even survived getting risen up to the atmosphere (though he got ripped in half later by sentry) but that feat alone is quite impressive.

carnage should win after garurumon gets tired.

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Hey, I'm glad you think it's a good thread, and that you've explained why Carnage wins. Thank you, and I actually wasn't gonna flip out this time, since I'm just putting our past, uh, disagreements behind us.

Anyway, very sound basis and good description as to why Carnage is the victor.

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I agree. Carnage's agility and blood sucking will be enough to take Garurumon.
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