Gantz Tokyo Team (phase two) vs Titans (Attack on Titan)

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Team: Kei,Kaze,Izumi,Reika,Sakurai (with Powers) Kato,Nishi,and Sei.

Wepons: NO TELEPORTING Y-gun. Everyone's weapons include: 1 X gun each, 1 X rifle each, 1 Gantz sword Each, Kei,Izumi ,and Nishi have Z Gun(also known) as H Gun


The Titans

15 titans: 10 standard titan, 3 Deviant titan, 1 armored titan and 1 Human titan

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the titan it goes like this

All Titan are super strong,and have speed (picture giant zombies and their prime objective is to eat humans and can regenerate to almost immortalic level ,only weakness is cutting or shooting the back of the neck

Armored Titan: A Titan with advanced strength and agility can harden skin, usually 15 meters

Deviant Titan: 17 meters tall, Can understand formation an tactics,can run at high speed (for a limited time) super strong

Human Titan: Have Human intelligence an all other feats from other titans.

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