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I've always seen these two games as rivals Gears of War for the 360 and Resistance for the PS3. here's my view of the competition

First Round

Resistance: Fall of Man.
This FPS main catch was the Alt fire that every gun had. these could as simple as firing two shots from a shotgun to things like slowing down time for better shots with the sniper rifle. these gave a large variety to fight the hordes of Chimera invaders trying to wipe out humans. despite the good enemy AI and story the game health didn't regenerate, and you couldn't take much damage before dying, this made the game pretty challenging.

Gears of War
This TPS was cover based with a large variety of guns. you could only hold about three guns at a time (two rifles and an pistol). There was a lot of fuss over the Lancer, an assault rifle with a built in chainsaw, in theory this was an awsome idea, but in practice, espacaily in a cover based game the chainsaw machnics seemed usless plus the shot seemed to me much more effective for close range combat (I went through most of the game with the sniper rifle and shotgun). the main problem with this one was that enemies took a lot of bullets to kill, unless you where using the sniper rifle and only got head shots fire fights could take a realy long time.

Perssonaly i had a much better time playing Gears of War then Resistance for me, this round gos to Gears of War

Round Two

Resistance 2
Major changes to this one was that health now regenerated, and the duffculty was toned down a bit but you also now could only carry two gun at a time. Along with that where the new guns, one inpaticular stood out to me becoming my gun in a video game. The Magnum, what set this gun apart was the ability to detinate shots, allow you to set traps with it, or just blow up an enemy's face

Gears of War 2
There where two majot changes i saw in this one, the squad members being able to revive you, and how it was easier to use the chainsaw, though still not practicale, there was also a host of new guns, but they really didn't stand out. i enjoyed though how there was a lot less ammo to i was forced to cange guns a lot more (instead of holding onto one gun through out the hole game) but for the most part was the same gears i loved

I was surprsed , but i found Resistance 2 to be a lot  more enjoyble the Gears 2

Round three

Who Knows

For those keepinf score they know, with me it's currently a tie with one point each but whats your opiniom on the subject
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