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ok I have been on GB and GS and I have run across topics of why are gamer and anime people all mixed together and from most of the answers most gamers hate the idea of being put together and that anime people are well creepy and a bit obsessed about cartoons. 

now I don't go to these sites anymore due to this hostility I encountered and wandered what peoples thoughts were on people being grouped together or not being grouped together.

I think it doesn't matter and was sad that a huge majority of people felt so hostile about it and will not visit certain above named sites due to this. what do you think?

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Lol. Dude, thats kind of a stupid reason for hostility. Me and my friends all love anime, whether they are obsessed or not. And we all love video games. Gamers shouldn't be upset about being put with us anime people. We BOTH fall under the same category anyways: Geeks. xDDDD
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LOL that's what i'm saying
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a couple things at play here. first, internet forums are often in/out group (quite like japan!). if you're a noob, you're not cool, and veterans make you feel it.

second, its easy to be an asshole since its all mostly anonymous, and hence easy to get away with hostility.

both have contributed to why i haven't spent any time on any forums (with the glowing, recent exception of the AV boards) since the tadream mailing list back in '96.
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Not the forums I go to. Psshhh! Over there, they treat you like royalty! Except if you're a Christian like me... Lol.
But, yeah, the forums I've been to are all mixed together. No one cares if you like video games or not. Like I said, we're all geeks. xDDD
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Depends on the type of gamer.

Fighting Gamers - Generally normal guys. If you go to a tournament (say EVO or B5), you see a normal crowd. Some like cars, some like boxing, whatever.. Generaly well-rounded crowds with not too many stereotypical nerds (in MVC, I can only think of WooMighty). XD

Racing Gamers - Normal looking crowd. A lot of asian folk. Good style. Con is they talk about cars too much. I guess thats a pro if  you like cars.

FPS - Hmm.. more stereotypical nerds here, but still a decent mix.

MMORPG - The worst of the bunch. Generally over obsessed with their online personas. They actually schedule their MMO of choice into their everyday lives.

So I would say...

Fighting Gamers > Racing Gamer > FPS > Otaku > MMORPGers

Keep in mind, this is generally speaking. And I make my general judgements based on what I see at Cons. Fanime in San Jose. Anime Expo in LA. And Sac Anime in Sacramento.
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^^ I agree but I wouyld swich Fighting gamers and Raceing gamers in my experance.
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i would edit it thusly: Fighting Gamers > Racing Gamer > FPS > Otaku > MMORPGers > idiots who  use terms like 'otaku' and then try to cram everybody into  an ordered list based on one of the things they do in their free-time
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I am heavily biased on this, as I am also a massive gaming addict, so much so that my original life dream was to be a racing game developer, however my moment of change was not too far off as I am R&D engineer for a Japanese automotive company and on a motorsport engineering degree with a massive passion for racing.

I also race real cars, and hold several world or local records in some racing arcade games. nerd *cough*....

I am nowhere as competent in FPS, though I do enjoy a few (just don't say Halo near me or I jump off a roof), love Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid...
Like some RPGs (Final Fantasy 7, cliché or not, it is amazing!)
Fighting game - Street Fighter, Tekken (taken part in a Tekken 2 tournament, and got my ass handed over...)

So how I would put the list is:
Racing > Adventure > Fighting > RPG > FPS > MMORPG
(racing first just due to my racing bias) however the list should be in parallel to otaku no anime (or anime would have to be also broken down into different categories too...)

Having said all this most hardcore gamers I met, love an anime or other (old school gamers at least). Then again I am european, maybe big cultural differences?
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i am both. both are awesome. no discussion.
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well my sig on GS is basically 4 large pictures from bleach and ive never had any hostility in the 4 years ive been a member,
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I think gamers would win...
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This is tough since a lot of animers are gamers.
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