Gaara VS Kakuzu

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Kazekage Gaara vs Kakuzu. 
In character. 
No prep. Random encounter.  
Winning condition ; Death.

Place for the battle: 
Hidden Leaf Village
Hidden Leaf Village
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Gaara smashes
Post by FormerCrimsonKing (5,154 posts) See mini bio Level 15

kakazu wins with difficulty

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gaara can fly with sand and then buries kakazu with sand but kakazu could win this so gaara 8/10 times

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Garra with some difficulty

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Gaara with some difficulty. Kakuzu's False Darkness could get around Gaara's sand defenses, which he would have to be alert for. But otherwise, Gaara's big sand attacks are capable of covering a wider area than Kakuzu's elemental attacks and it wouldn't be crazy to believe that the Kazekage could dispatch all of Kakuzu's hearts with a well-timed Sand Coffin + Funeral attack.

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I'll give this to Kakazu after a good battle.

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I say Gaara. He has near complete control of his surroundings.

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I think Kakuzu should take it mainly because Gaara lost to Deidara who didn't seem to be as threatening .

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His control over 4 chakra nature types should give him the upper hand, also how versatile he is in controlling each element in separate bodies should keep Gaara occupied.

Not just that but, lightning > Earth... Gaara defense is sort of screwed.

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I hate to use anime math but im pretty sure Kakuzu < Deidara < Gaara

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