G1 Megatron(Transformers)VS Voltron(Voltron/Golion)

Topic started by blackdemon on Jan. 25, 2012. Last post by SuperperfectCell 3 years ago.
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For a battle of 1980's anime ironically brought here into 2012, my next battle of the day has the original Megatron from Transformers taking on Voltron, the Defender Of The Universe! Ok, so both Megatron and Voltron, who is piloted by the entire Voltron Force, obviously, have prepped well and have everything, plus are at the peak of their power. The fight takes place, fittingly, in outer space. And it goes on until one is destroyed! So, who will win? The Decepticon leader or the mighty robot loved by good and feared by evil?
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megatron blitz because he survived in the sun and also optimus prime in g1 picked up a boat with ease and megatron is almost the same strength is optimus prime or stronger. he also has lightsabered weapons which could do probable the same amount of damage as a jedi lightsaber.

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@tronboy: Survived in the sun? show me proof please, i dont recall taht ever happening in the cartoon and haven't read too many of the comics so idk if thats where it came from.

As for picking up a boat with ease..not very impressive, Iron Man has better feats than that but Optimus has got to be stronger than him.

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