Future use of Broly in battles: Not an omnipotent Galaxy Buster

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Broly- Confronting and Discrediting the Lies: Myth 3 ( Broly Keeps Getting Stronger )    
Now stop this nonsense about Broly. These videos have proof and go into more detail than the one line excuses commonly used in Broly's defence.
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Pretty much everyone on every vs forum agrees that Broly is the most wanked DBZ character of all time and the inflation of his power in these areas is false. However that doesn't stop the fringe and the fanboys, and despite your valiant efforts, it won't stop them here.

They're basically like Labor Theory of Value pushers in economics. No matter how many times their theory has been proven false, they still argue for it anyway. But the rest of the world knows better.

Nonetheless I applaud your effort.
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obsessed much?
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Nice job, I haven't seen these before. But good lord like 11 videos on this subject?

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@SSJjanemba: some times an obsessive way of doin somethin is how u get to obsessive people
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You just saying that because he right, and also that you don't agree with it 
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As I stated, Broly is a multistar buster.
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And as I've proven, he's a galaxy-buster at full strength. Blowing out virtually every star and planet in the galaxy make him far more than just a multi-star buster, and that was in an under-powered form. People can bitch and complain all they like, it doesn't change the facts. They wanna complain about wankery, then don't use the char. Pull up this garbage and might as well not use anyone from DBZ or from the HST, or SDK because of cheap-ness from them. Or since people hate Light Hawk Wings, let's toss out Tenchi Muyo too. And how about all those whiners complaining about omnipotents, let's just toss out everyone because, well, smebodies gonna wank them so let's just not have battles at all and just whine about how Twilight vamps sparkle.

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Broly is not omnipotent
Broly does not always get stronger
But Broly has destroyed a galaxy on screen. It is undeniable evidence. It doesn't make sense that a sub ssj3 level character can destroy a galaxy but he is not manga canon so it doesn't have to make sense.

Many people say it was time lapsed destruction which is a baseless statement, but even if it is Broly would still be a thousands - millions of star system buster. Why? Because there are on average dozens of billions of stars in a galaxy (our own milky way has approximately one hundred billion stars.) And even dwarf galaxies have tens of millions of stars.

Lets use aroun the bare minimum and say it was a dwarf galaxy (which it wasn't) consisting of 10 million stars. When Broly is first introduced he would have been around 29 (the same age as Goku) Multiply 29 times 365 days and that's 10,585 days. How many times does that go into 10 million? About 94 1/2 times. That would mean that in a tiny dwarf galaxy, Broly would have needed to destroy an average of around 100 star systems a day during his entire life including his infancy.

Now lets use a normal sized galaxy such as our own Milky Way with about 100 billion stars in it. Divide that by 10,585 days and you get 9,447,331 and a fraction. In other words to destroy a relatively average sized galaxy such as the Milky Way, Broly would have destroyed between 9 and 10 millions star systems a day

At the end of the day this guy has a solid Galaxy busting feat which many who presumably can in manga and comics don't. And even if it were time lapsed He still would have destroyed millions of star systems daily on average. Don't let personal dislike cloud your judgment.

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Furthermore, it couldn't have been timelapsed due to King Kai's immediate reaction to the event that'd occured. If something of that scale had been occuring over a long period of time,then the Kai's would've gotten involved, namely Shin. Also, by those estimations, that would only be presuming that Brolly was at the same level his entire life, which we know isn't true. We clearly see his progression and growth throughout his life.

It's not time-elapsed. Anyone can see that. And I've gone over other explanations for the destruction before. The only others involve Brolly moving at speeds relative to PC-Superman levels, and since we know no such speed exists in DBZ and that if he did have such speed he'd have obliterated the entire crew. Thus, really, the only explanation for what he did was the most obvious one, since it's what we're shown.

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/ thread

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kid buu did the same fucking thing. and no one wanks kid buu to unbelievable levels. so its just retardation.
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No, Kid Buu didn't. He systematically destroyed worlds over a period of time. What Brolly did was all at once. Kid Buu nuking a galaxy is wanking since it never happened.

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@Hellos said:



/ thread

Waittaminute, since when is HE a hero?
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kid buu did indeed. im talking about a direct quote from the anime. he did destroy galaxies. you cannot refute it. how do you know broly didnt "systematically destroy over time"? what broly did wasnt "all at once" as it only showed the galaxy fragmenting as it spun. now a galaxy spinning takes many years to do. why would an attack like this fragment a galaxy in a circular motion as it spins unless it was over time? if it was just one attack, then it was faster than light and therefore broly should have been able to replicate such power but he never did. he never once showed the ability to bust a galaxy on screen. so its just an inconsistent feat. galaxy buster cant knock out a normal human like videl and videl actually dodged his punch? sure...


unlike broly, kid buu showed that it took the energy of all the z fighters and two entire planets to take him out. broly lost in one punch from a ssj1

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Hmm, never thought of it that way, I'm a little surprised you made an argument for Broly O.o still good job, you always come and go lol.
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@Nerx said:
"Waittaminute, since when is HE a hero? "

When he got a black jacket and pants. =P

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  @FLStyle said 

one moment there is galaxy, the next moment there is no galaxy
whats your explanation for this phenomenon?
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im soo confused on this what is this about ??????????
is it about Broly's powers yh we all know he's strong & i still 2 this day dont know how goku(with the help of friends) manages to defeat someone who's power level doubles and re-doubles but i dont really care to be honest
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@Kurohige said:
" @ReiKai: Hmm, never thought of it that way, I'm a little surprised you made an argument for Broly O.o still good job, you always come and go lol. "
Me too. I gained more respect for him after that one post.
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