Future Trunks vs Semi Perfect Cell and Android 16

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I could see the team winning only if Android 16 got the bombs that Bulma took out before the cell games.

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@SpeedForceSpider said:

@Sonata said:

@othus12: Agree Trunks take it, he already shown he could defeat Semi perfect Cell without really trying as a Super Saiyan.

You mean Imperfect Cell.

No I mean semi-perfect Cell. Trunks owned  cell when he tried to absorb, and no that truly wasn't Trunks ascended form.
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Hold the phone here folks Trunks did not and i repeat did not own Semi-Perfect Cell in his SSJ form. The episode where Trunks and Semi-Perfect Cell where playing catch are:

DBZ - 143 - Krillin's desision

DBZ - 144 - The Last Defence

Super Vegeta has already weakend Semi-Perfect Cell in their match and he told Cell that he will give him a chance to find the Android and absorb her and needs to do it quickly before Vegeta loses his patience. Cell then flees in search of the Android but SSJ Trunks blocks his way, Trunks managed to deliver some combos against Cell but Cell quickly recovers from that. Trunks then pumps himself up in his Super form (becomes very bulky) and is out to kill Cell, delivering puch after punch and blasting him with energy attacks, still Cell was not down. No Trunks was not at 100% like he was against Perfect Cell but he still was stronger than a regular SSJ.

In their match between Semi-Perfect Cell and Super Vegeta, Cell actually had the jump on Vegeta a couple of times like in DBZ- 141 - Bow to the Prince, where Vegeta had managed to dent Cell's body with his punches only for Cell to smile and manged to suprise and punch Vegeta down in the water and he did this while Cell wasn't powered at 100% (he went 100% at the end of the episode) and this is just one example.

Trunks needed to be in his SSJ form to take down Imperfect Cell in the Future Timeline, he needed to go in his bulky form in order to try and put a weakend Semi-Perfect Cell down otherwise he would't power up because thats overkill. Take yourself as an example, if you had a powerlvl of 1200 and you're opponent has a powerlevel of 500 would you go full hardcore and go SSJ and then finish off you're opponent with a powerlevel of 60.000 or would stay in your regular powerlevel because thats more than enough to finish you're opponent off, would Goku go SSJ3 to beat Frieza? or will he stay in his regular form and oneshot the bastard :)

People also need to keep in mind that in DBZ far weaker characters manged to hit far stronger opponents and the opponents looked like their hurt or scared but really aren't like the Frieza vs Gohan battle for example, so SSJ Trunks managing to *hurt* Semi-Perfect Cell isn't a miracle and doesn't prove that he's gonna beat him.

Android 16 imo isn't a nonfactor here as some might believe, if Trunks ignores him than the best case scenario for Android 16 is that he selfdestructs and (maybe) takes Trunks with him. Trunks SSJ beating Imperfect Cell in his Timeline might let you think he can do the same against Android 16 because both he and Imperfect Cell are in the same ball park in power but there is a problem. Imperfect Cell MIGHT be weaker considering that the Androids in the Current Timeline where insanely strong and Imperfect Cell might not have collected as many souls as the Currect Timeline version and is overall weaker because as we know Current Androids>>>Future Androids. Witch brings me to my question:

Witch version of Trunks is this? the one who fought Semi-Perfect Cell or the one after that? Personally i don't see Pre Second RoSat Trunks winning this.

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@Sonata: Trunks never owned Imperfect Cell. Where did you get this from?

@niBBit: This is the Trunks that went back to his time and owned the Androids.

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@SpeedForceSpider: I'd say Trunks takes this but there is (i think) a chance for the team to win. I believe that Trunks after his second trip in the RoSat should have enough power to beat Semi-Perfect Cell because looking how strong he got in his first trip his second might be even greater because now he has more motivation because off his loss against Perfect Cell but this is just speculation but, iirc Trunks did managed to fight 1 vs 1 against Cell Jr without going Ultra SSJ and those little things are strong as heck.

Now the wild card here is Android 16...wait what?! jup remember when Android 16 had the jump on Perfect Cell and tried to selfdestruct but could't because of that bitch Bulma removing the bomb? Cell could't break free when 16 got a hold of him. He tried and tried but could't escape, so if 16 has his bomb and Trunks doesn't go after him then all Android 16's gotta do is to try and catch Trunks offguard (won't be easy since OP states they have knowlegde) then 16 might take Trunks down with him, i say might because we don't know how strong that bomb was. Supposedly it was strong enough to take Perfect Cell down or weaken him but...meh i don't know about that.

We don't know for sure how strong those Cell Jr's are compared to Semi-Perfect Cell but imo there not that far off in power, i think Cell Jr>Trunks SSJ>>Semi-Perfect Cell. So all-in-all i say Trunks wins this after a good battle and the only hope for the team is if Android 16 is allowed to have his bomb then try to divise a plan (won't be easy as Trunks is pretty smart and ruthless) and then going Voltorb/Electrode and selfdestructs taking Trunks with him or weaken him enough for Cell to finish it off.

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@niBBit: Trunks fought in ASSJ against Cell jr. That form makes a difference in battle. SSJ2 > USSJ > ASSJ > SSJ. Trunks can only go SSJ here, you're thinking of ASSJ my friend.



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@SpeedForceSpider: Yup you're right. I pulled up the episode *The children of Cell attack* and you can clearly see at the very beginning that Trunks is in his ASSJ form, more muscle mass than an SSJ.

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@niBBit: Precisely bro :)

Now does that change your outcome on the battle a bit now?

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