Future Gohan vs Android 19

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Future Gohan
Future Gohan

19 can't use absorption

Random encounter

Battle takes place in destroyed city

Who wins?

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Future Gohan would win. He appeared to have a decent degree of mastery over his SSJ form and he was capable of holding his own against both Android 17 and 18. Super Saiyan Vegeta who utterly decimated Android 19 was effortlessly picked apart by Android 18 who wasn't even serious. Future Gohan however, handicapped due to having only one arm, fought well against both androids whereas Vegeta wouldn't stand a chance, especially since he was killed by them in the same future. Android 19 would lose. Also, 19 shouldn't be more powerful than an SSJ anyway given that Goku fought well against him until his performance was impaired by his heart disease.


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@Newdeath: I remember Trunks saying the 18 and 17 from the present were far more powerful than the 18 and 17 from the future. However I do agree that SSJ Gohan should be able to take this without too much difficulty. Vegeta who had just turned SSJ was able to annihilate 19 without any trouble so there's no reason why Gohan wouldn't be able to either.

Also 19 and 20 were completely shocked when Goku went SSJ and were completely unprepared for his increase in power.

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Mirai Gohan should take this.. it did took SSJ Vegeta to kill him and Vegeta did got killed by 17 & 18 and yet Mirai Gohan was able to hold his own even tho he was handicap.
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