Future Android 17 VS Metal Cooler

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Bonus round Metal Cooler vs main timeline 17

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Interesting fight but my vote goes to Cooler. Future Andoid 17 has beaten Vegeta in his timeline yes but that Vegeta wasn't as strong as the Vegeta that fought Metal Cooler because that Vegeta was preparing for the Androids and its possible that 18 and 17 ganged up on Vegeta like they did with Gohan. Metal Cooler gave Goku and Vegeta a hard fight and he was fighting them both at the same time. Metal Cooler also displayed more/better feats than Android 17 like, regeneration, IT and was able to spot/lock Goku while he was using IT and he had some interesting attacks.

The bonus round goes to Current Android 17 because the gap in power is huge between the Current and Future version. Android 18 was mearly toying with Vegeta and if she was serious at the get go she would have ended Vegeta in mere seconds. In the future Trunks managed to land some decent shots against the Androids but against the Current Androids he was useless and he himself stated that they are much stronger than the Androids that he fought.

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cooler might win this....+
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