Fullmetal Alchemist vs Omega Complex

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Team FMA:

1. Ed

2. Al

3. Hohenheim

Team OC:

1. Kama (post time skip)

2. Sho

3. Stigma

In character and till death. Full equipment.

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You do know that there no Universe battles on here?

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Oh yeah... sorry got carried away over the time and forgot, well i guess i'll edit it.

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Feats from the OC?

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what is the omega complex?

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OH MY GOD! I uploaded like 10 scans as well as made little essay about that... and then my browser just stops working.Ughh i'm just gonna write the feats down, you can check my last image uploads to get an idea and if you are really interested in a certain feat i'll upload it.

Anyway, Omega Complex is a manga series, imagine if FMA was seinen, had Fallout elements, nuclear weapons, Kennedy and the Cold War, a really complicated plot and Terminator-like time travel.

Kama: The protagonist, fought mostly with a gun had barely any feats except for durability as we had seen that he can be sent flying through buildings and large rock formations with no to minimal injury. After the time-skip he picks up Sho's weakest sword (see Sho's entry) and learns some nice tricks, such as the Neutron Bomb, which besides a rather big explosion also has high levels of radiation. He also has can make an explosion which out-performs a bomb which completely wiped out NY.

Sho: He's something like a mentor to Kama more or less. He has 7 swords:

1. Weakest sword, used for spamable energy attack, in his first appearance in a flashback it was building level at best, but in the current timeline a casual slash is bigger than mountains.

2. Allows him to control metal in a FMA like manner.

3. Sets up a barrier, it has tanked nuclear bombs 1000 stronger then the one in Hiroshima as well as the destruction of NY.

4. He only used it in a flash-back (when he was weak) and even then it had the impact of a nuclear bomb.

5. Anyone who gets cut mutates rapidly and turns into a Prototype-like fodder (or something on Predator level) under Sho's control.

6. Allows him to regenerate energy.

7. Never seen.

He has also adopted a technique from another character which allows him to change the atomic structure of anything he touches to make it explode from the inside.

Stigma: Something like a villain, he's stronger then both Kama and Sho. He has a black hole barrier which atomizes anything it touches, including those big ass city explosions. He can bundle said barrier into rays for long range cutting.

Also any high tier (Sho and Stigma can do it, Kama after the time-skip should be able to do it too) can change the atmospheric pressure around someone either to make them fain or make their head explode if they feel like it.

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