Fuhrer King Bradley GAUNTLET

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@Haofan123: WTF I just told you. It doesn't matter if his moves are random, Bradley can still anticipate him with his Ultimate Eye. And yes he does not start  off with the Ultimate Eye, but his battling skills is still more formidable, Bradley fought an entire army without his ultimate eye and a tank and still won. He was capable of dodging bullets without his Ultimate eye, so its final. Bradley wins.
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Bradley still loses. DPs healing factor would royally pwn him. I dont care if bradley fought greed. Deadpool doesnt need a red stone or armor to kick ass and take names. Besides, his other opponents would destroy him. Kid naruto alone owuld be to much for him and dont get me started on Afro!
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Deadpool or Greed huh...*runs of to make a new thread*
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