Frieza(Dragonball Z)VS Captain Marvel(DC Comics)

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Frieza in his most powerful form takes on Billy Batson AKA Captain Marvel! Since it was stated in one of my threads that Mary Marvel could punch a hole in Trunks, and then Vegeta, maybe it would be a more even fight if Frieza in his top form took on Captain Marvel. So, then, the fight takes place in the sky above a desert. Bloodlust is on and the fight is to the death. Which one wins? The white and violet villain or the red and gold hero?
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Arent Captain Marvel & Mary Marvel the SAME, powerwise?
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Captain Marvel would win. He's basically Superman with magic and energy projection.


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not against Frieza destructo discs.....

a cross in the tombstone....

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Captain Marvel easily much more stronger and durable physically. 
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Captain Marvel. I argue that technically Captain Marvel should win vs Superman and also DBZ should also win vs. Superman (due to magic weakness, Ki = to magic IMO). Without Supes aversion to magic, Captain Marvel should win in physical feats except in battle speed and battle experience (please, no wisdom of Solomon thing, knowing and doing are 2 different things). He would lose in energy projection.

Fighting smartly Freeza could win but I think the majority goes to Captain Marvel.

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