Frieza vs Cooler vs King cold

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Here is how it goes
Frieza has 3 established levels
first transformation
second transformation
third transformation
The Dragon Ball expanded universe, and video games, establish Mecha Frieza as being weaker then the third transformation he fought Goku with on Namek. Frieza himself stated that he had not been so challenged since fighting his own father while fighting SSJ Goku, he also stated Goku never fought his "Final Form" which many speculate means Frieza could transform into the same top level as Cooler could in Cooler's Revenge.
Considering King Cold is unestablished in power we cant make a judgement on him, the form Frieza said he was challenged by is debatable, Trunks beat both with ease.
Cooler has Five forms. He stated he was stronger then his brother or father
Base (never shown due to maintaining a more peak form)
Second form (never shown due to maintaining a more peak form)
third transformation was Cooler's default
fourth transformation Stronger then Frieza
Metal Cooler is widely established as the strongest incarnation of the three villains
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@ohgodwhy: Odd, my Manga is translated different. It says "There is another great chi", not "the there is an even greater chi". But I agree, Cooler wins. How I see it, Cooler>Frieza>Cold.

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No real contest, Cooler was seen at the level of Frieza at his strongest as Cooler's base level, and the went above that, Frieza mentioned Goku never seeing his final form, some say the Final Form was Mecha Frieza, I think it was reference to Cooler's top level... Regardless Cooler even went another level beyond as Metal-Cooler...

So Cooler is the obvious choice

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Wasnt it stated that King Cold could transform 2 more times than Frieza and one more time then Cooler. Anyway King Cold was a wasted character

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