Freeza, Perfect Cell, Kid Buu vs. Thanos, Mephisto, Darkseid

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@MarioRedfield said:

@DBZ_universe: Oh lol you said on ComicVine Kid Buu could absorb Doomsday

Well, cause he can.. IMO.

but Darkseid's Omega Beam can avoid that.. and Thanos could make a shield... I think.

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@xlab3000: I am aware why you chose team 2. But the nut that said Cell or any one in DBZ is a universe buster needs help. Cell didn't even bust a solar system, so how a universe?

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@SpeedForceSpider: And best of all... he uses video game as scans.. lol

I have not seen a manga scan yet of him, and last time I asked him he got mad... maybe he has never read the manga?

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@SilverGalford said:

Rofl xD

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Only character here who last more than a milli second against team 2 is Kid buu, then they all take turns beating his face in til he dies.

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Mephisto can so everyone here.

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I genuinely wasn't aware this would be a cursing battle for team DBZ. I know that Animevice and Comicvine are different places but it looks like after asking for feats over there and returning after a few years they seem to place DBz at a high end level of feats and power. I asked for some Darkseid and Mephisto feats and didn't get much of a response.  I figured that some of the villains on team one had enough high end feats, such as planet busting and transmutation that might put them at an advantage. I didn't really find evidence that the second team had the ability to withstand either of those two abilities, and figured Frieza's durability and Cell and Buu's regeneration would make physical attacks difficult. I guess I still don't know specifically what the comic book team has in terms of superior physical strength or speed, and I figured the omega beams and energy blasts could be dodged. I'd ask comicvine again, where comic feats are more appropriate, but I notice a strong anime vs western comics mentality there that tends to get out of control. Most of the comic supporters I remember don't seem to still be there. At least I know where higher end comic characters stand at this point.
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Any single character in team two stomp(except for post skip Darksied, he wins mid difficulty)

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