Four Heavenly Kings vs. Saber

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Four Heavenly Kings - Toriko

All at full power

All at current

Saber is not given avalon but given excalibur

Scenario 1:

Each four heavenly kings fight her 1 by 1

Scenario 2:

All four heavenly kings vs. Saber

No bloodlust

No knowledge



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Would be amusing to see how Saber does in an eating contest with these guys. :P

Kidding aside from what I'm looking up on them, the Heavenly Kings pack enough strength and durability on them where Saber would be having quite a bit of trouble taking them out individually and any clean blow they deliver to her from an attack would cripple her greatly and maybe even be fatal. While she has a speed advantage over all four being capable of Mach 15 speeds, I don't think regular sword strikes are working on the Heavenly Kings meaning Excali-blasting would be Saber's only resort at taking them out individually once she gets enough distance from them.

Against all four, I think Saber may be screwed. The numbers game would work to the advantage of the Heavenly Kings as their combined use of melee and ranged attacks would prevent Saber from having any time to prep an Excali-blast and leave her on the defensive until she is eventually plowed down.

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From what I know about them they should win round 1. And round 2 they should stomp.

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It's true that speed feats aren't really emphasized in Toriko right now, but there are a few. Catching 15 bullet acorns with one hand, calling it an easy task at that, there's actually another scan of him catching a regular bullet as well, besides these acorns are described as being as fast as bullets.

Coco playing a slot machine with 100 faces that rotates at 100 to 150 meters per second.
Coco playing a slot machine with 100 faces that rotates at 100 to 150 meters per second.
To him it's standing still
To him it's standing still

 Toriko arrives very shortly after a battle began at the Shokurin temple in what could only be a few minutes despite the fact that he had walked on the bubble path for days, and even Toriko, who in the past has been very accurate with his estimations of distances and such, can't figure out how many hundreds of kilometers they've walked. The speed feats are there, just not explicit right now

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zebura pretty much jumped about 10 miles instantly with jet voice considering the size of the four beast

that would put zebura around match 50 but they may be able to go faster since there's the feat of the bubble way to take into account

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