Four Heavenly Kings vs Five Seven sins

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we have to keep in mind that the sins are still somehow in their earlierst form. not even all members and weapons were introduced. now i am not a fan of hyperboling, no limits fallacy or powerscaling to absurd levels but i just got some information leaked from the newest edenburgh chapter from the sins who is not yet available as translated scans what might give a hint of how powerful these will possible become. short information:

meliodas twig feat with his casual powerlevel of 3.3k and the mountain sized albion one-shots from both meliodas and king with their sacred treasured played around power levels doubled the albions which had 5.5k

so these guys are considered to be mountain leveler with a power level in the manga with about 10k to make it easy. the new appeared foe galan is stated to be incredible weakened due to just have been released from just being released from a 3000 year seal. yet he still has a power level from 26.k and therefore way more than the sins.

in the leaked edingburgh chapter (which is the sins past) escanor (the one sin not yet to be appeared in the main storyline) stated meliodas is having a power level from over 100 ! thousand ! so if there were not heavy translation issues we get a grasp how strong the sins may become in the future storyline. seeing what they achieve with their recent "low" power levels and now having a reference value the typical island busting, country busting feat off panel may get a little clearer

this just tossed in from me to give you guys a little backround information. the sind will most probably being able to keep up and perhaps overpower series like toriko and most probably the hst where they are among top-tier in most cases even now.

conclusion: for now: toriko team takes this but sins will grow up and challenge even their later forms

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I don't think the sins will surpassing the AIR arc Toriko...

Anyway, let's match them again

Zebra vs Meliodas: Mel take this with a load of difficulties

Toriko vs Diane and King: Toriko can take this with a hard diff (due to king's hax)

Sunny vs Ban: sunny cooks him.....then he revived :p

Coco vs Gowther: Coco melts him, but if coco took gowther's arrow, then gowther wins

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