Find a match for Vegeta and Goku

Topic started by Mortein on Jan. 20, 2011. Last post by taichokage 4 years, 2 months ago.
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Thor Silver Surfer Beta Ray Bill Ghost Rider and some others are most likely to beat them while Hulk Skaar(possibly) Rulk Phoenix X Man Ice Man all have slight chances to be able to win with a few others who i cant think of at the moment
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Strong chars they can beat with ease to moderate difficulty: Hulk, Skaar, Balder, Ghost Rider, Vulcan, Magneto, Black Bolt, Ultron, Namor, Graviton, Apocalypse, Ironman, Jack of Hearts, Ganeymede, Hyperion, Captain Marvel
Strong chars they can beat with difficulty or barely: Rulk, (not many fit this category like many have said)
Strong chars where they have a chance of beating but losing as well: lower tier heralds (Terrax, Nova, Firelord), X-man, Sentry, lower Thor versions (modern), Proteus, Onslaught, Gladiator (depends on his mood),Juggernaut (via bfr easily, via everything else, not at all)
Characters they would lose to barely or with moderate ease : Thor (most versions), Silver Surfer, Thanos, Runner, Dr. Strange (or any strong magician)
Characters they have no chance of beating at all : Galactus, Stranger, Kronos, (any super cosmic), Eternity, Mikoboshi, Death (any Abstract), Odin, Zeus, Vishnu (any sky father), Cytorrak, Sise Neg, Dormammu, (any supreme magic wielder) Living Tribunal, Beyonder, TOAA (any supreme being)
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