Final Form Cooler vs Android 19

Topic started by Obito on April 20, 2013. Last post by DBZ_universe 1 year, 11 months ago.
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Location ; Planet Namek. No prep. Morals are Off. Winner by Death. Who's got this? 
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As long as Cooler doesn't rely on ki blasts in dispatching Android 19, he should be able to easily dispatch the android considering Goku as an SSJ was pummeling him rather easily before firing off a ki attack at him. Otherwise depending on how powerful the ki attack Cooler fires, it could give 19 sufficient enough strength to become a problem for Cooler in battle.

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Until Goku went SSJ, Ult Cooler was just physically beating the crap out of him. And when Goku was fighting #19 he was weakened quite a bit because of the heart virus. Piccolo even said it himself. Goku wasn't doing any real damage, even though he was faster. His blows lacked the power he had normally and Goku was showing exhaustion before even starting the fight. Tien noted Goku sweating and breathing hard from flying over, which shouldn't have even put a ding in his energy reserves.
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Cooler if he doesn't fire too many energy blasts. Logically 19 has a chance.
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I never liked 19... ugh creepy dude.

Cooler wins by hurting him only physically.

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